Alkaline Diet: Claims, Facts, and Foods


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Studies have shown that alkaline diet helps our body to have an enhanced pH level as it encourages our body to become alkaline rather than acidic. As a result, our bodies tend to have less weight and more ability to fight severe diseases. In an alkaline diet, you need to include a lot of green vegetables and fruits in your eating regimen. As you are consuming these healthy foods, you are going to lead a healthy life for sure.

Alkaline Diet - Claims, Facts, and Foods

What Researches Say About Alkaline Diet?

Researches have stated that your cancer cells may grow rapidly if you follow an acidic diet. The alkaline diet followers believe that an enhance pH level in blood saves you from cancer. However, the alkaline eating regimen can help you to have reduced body weight. It can likewise come up with other health benefits such as curing diabetes. To make sure of losing weight, you need to stay active physically along with maintaining a healthy alkaline diet.

Facts about Alkaline Diet

When you start following an alkaline diet, you are ultimately taking food that are free from fat. The foods are mostly vegetables and fruits. As a result, you can boast of numerous health benefits. Here are some health benefits along with facts of an alkaline diet:

  • Weight Loss: When you include foods in a diet that are low in calories, you will automatically lose weight. The alkaline diet promotes foods that are low in calories, so in this way, you are likely to lose your weight.
  • Kidney health: An acidic diet is usually not good for people with chronic kidney diseases. Thus, if you follow an alkaline diet, you are going to have a better kidney health. For some cases, you can improve your kidney health by cutting off protein intakes such as meat, milk, cheese, etc.
  • Cancer: there is no evidence that an alkaline diet can reverse cancer. But, normally vegetables, fruits, whole grains are beneficial for people who are suffering from cancer.
  • Heart disease: Alkaline diet helps human bodies with the growth hormones, and the growth hormone likewise helps us to have fewer risk factors with regards to heart disease. It’s true that this diet can help you out with heart diseases.
  • Growth Hormone: Growth hormone ensures a lot of betterment in our health such as better heart health, better brain functioning, etc. An acidic diet may stop your body from stop growing. In this manner, it is better for us to rely on an alkaline diet.

Foods in an Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Essentials suggests that, in an alkaline diet, you need to include foods that are not acidic. Those foods include:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Tofu
  • Seeds
  • Lentils, etc.

No matter what diet you follow, you have to make sure that you take enough vitamins, proteins minerals, vegetables, fruits, and all. Don’t be too dependent on a certain diet because both the alkaline and acid diets have their own benefits. So, make sure that you are balancing all the properties that are needed for a healthy lifestyle.


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