Ideas to Breathe Life Back Into Your Car


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If you’ve been running the same car for any length of time, chances are it will have started feeling a little old, worn, or tired over the years. Just through the natural aging process and the everyday wear and tear that we place on our vehicles, cars can often start feeling old before their time.

Ideas to Breathe Life Back Into Your Car

However, rather than simply looking to trade-in and upgrade to a newer model, there are several small changes or alterations you could make to bring your older car back to life and make it feel like new again.

Whether you lack the money to make an upgrade right now or are just attached to your car and don’t particularly want to let it go just yet, below are some ideas to breathe new life back into your vehicle.

Buy new wheels

Wheels obviously perform a vital function for a car, but, in doing so, they also suffer a huge amount of wear and tear. If you’re still running the same wheels your car left the factory with; chances are they already look old and tired. Making a simple upgrade to the wheels and trim can instantly rejuvenate the look of your vehicle and give it a whole new look.

Buy new tires

While changing wheels is often a mostly cosmetic exercise, buying new tires will considerably improve the performance of your car (while also probably improving its looks a little). New tires will improve the handling of a vehicle, shorten braking distances, increase acceleration and performance, and enhance cornering. Additionally, they will likely make your fuel consumption better.

Invest in accessories or modification kits

Very few car owners make any kind of alterations to their car to put their own individual stamp on a vehicle – which is quite odd when you think about it. After all, most of the cars you see on the roads are just variations of the same models produced by the same manufacturers, leading to everyone looking the same.

If you want to put an individual mark on your car and make it your own, nothing beats doing some modification work (also known as modding). Even simply upgrading your car lights can make a big difference to your car’s look. No matter what car you drive, if you search online, you’ll almost undoubtedly find owner or appreciation clubs chock-full with great ideas on how you could personalize your vehicle – and often at surprisingly low prices. For example, for Toyota enthusiasts, this site has 4runner accessories for any budget, perfect for adding a little extra panache and style to this range of vehicles.

Improve your engine’s intake and exhaust system

A car’s engine will inevitably degrade over time, but there are some relatively simple ways to prolong its life and increase the horsepower it creates. By replacing the intake and exhaust system, you’ll allow increased oxygen into the engine while allowing the exhaust gases to escape quicker and with fewer restrictions. Exhaust and intake work is comparatively simple and less expensive than other engine upgrades you might consider. However, unless you have experience with this kind of work, you should probably put it to an expert fitter.


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