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If you search on Google how to increase Instagram followers for free, you will find many blogs that advise you to use apps and tricks that help you get more followers.

What will happen is that you will have an increase in followers. But most of these accounts that start following you are either fake accounts or people who are not in the slightest interested in what you sell and communicate.

Instagram is a popular media app that increases your communication and connectivity profile. Nowadays, each one of us loves to share different stories and posts on Instagram. Whether it is a specific business post or a natural one, our viewers shower love by clicking on the like button. More views mean that your post is being recognized. In case you are not satisfied with the number of views, you can buy Instagram story views for your account. It’s simple to increase the view count, given the competitive atmosphere of social media platforms. Buy story views are popular these days. Hence, you can go for it without any doubt. Buy story views Instagram can be done on All details on how to proceed are available on Fameoninsta. Click on the view package and check your requirements. Finalize a plan and receive your views instantly!

How to increase Instagram followers for free

So, if you are looking for tricks to increase Instagram followers for free, go ahead. But this is not the place.

While if you are looking for strategies to increase Instagram followers for free by following marketing principles and techniques, welcome! You are in the right place.

For free, in this case, we replace it with organic. That is, what we are going to see now are techniques to increase followers organically. They are free because they do not require money. But they do require some commitment.

However, if your intention is to monetize these followers later, you are in the right place.

Use safe follower increase bots.

There are safe bots that act like a human. For example, these bots follow your desired contacts, like their posts and leave comments for them so that the attention of these contacts is drawn to your page, as a result of which they get encouraged to visit your page and follow you if they wish. These activities increase the engagement rate of your page and make you experience significant growth in a short period of time, especially if you have just launched your page. In this case, advertising and other ways will not help you much because you still do not have many followers and your content will not be noticed by others and will not be discovered. In such cases, the bot can help you by performing automatic interactive activities so that your page can get seen and reach an acceptable level. Therefore, we recommend that if you have less than 10k followers, you should definitely use safe Instagram bots like the v-user Instagram Bot.

For more information or to check on this tool, you can search its name on Google and read about it on the v-User website.


GetInsta is a free and effective app dedicated to help you get unlimited real Instagram followers & likes easily and quickly. It works on Android device, Windows system and iOS devices

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Step one: create an account

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Or you can get 50 free Instagram followers instantly by just visiting their site.


This seems obvious, but the first way to increase Instagram followers for free is to create quality content. We have already talked about this specifically for Instagram. But if you want to learn more about the processes for creating quality content, read this complete guide to content marketing.

Consistency is the key to increasing free Instagram followers

To increase Instagram followers for free, you cannot rely on a single post to go viral.

Most of the posts you publish won’t go viral, which means you need to find a better way to get your posts in front of the intended audience. The best way is to be consistent. The more content you give to your audience, the more chances your posts become popular.

Furthermore, continuously posting content creates an expectation for your followers to search for your next post.

Larger brands will post multiple times a day, while small businesses can only post a few times a week. Whichever strategy you choose, just make sure it’s a consistent schedule.

To make sure your post scheduling is consistent, it’s essential to create a social editorial plan.

Finally, consistency doesn’t just mean consistently posting, but also being consistent with the quality of your content. When a user logs into Instagram, their feed is jammed with content and therefore it’s essential to create posts that stand out from the crowd.

Diversity of content

To increase Instagram followers for free, you need to create engagement. But now engagement doesn’t just refer to likes and comments on posts in the News Feed.

As you well know, Instagram has the longest IGTV stories and videos in addition to wall posts.

So, if you want to entertain your audience and hit your profile visitors and potential new followers, you need to create quality content on all fronts: News Feed, Stories, IGTV.

It is no longer enough to count likes and comments. Now comments to stories, survey responses in Stories, views to your videos on IGTV etc. also count.

Organize promotions

Consumers love to save money. Therefore, one way to increase followers is to organize prize competitions.

For example, you can ask your followers to tag their friends in a post (New potential followers), and in exchange offer discount coupons or free promotions.

If, on the other hand, you are an influencer and have nothing to offer, you can arrange a similar offer with one of the brands you work with. Or you can offer something that would attract your followers.

For example, if you are an influencer in the make-up sector, as a reward you can put a half-hour video call in which you explain to the winner what might be the best makeup for her.

Give space to creativity and if you know your audience well, you will have no problem creating a prize that interests them and makes them talk about you to their friends.


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