CSR Consulting Firms and Their Services to Corporate Bodies


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Corporate social responsibility refers to self awareness by corporate bodies and organizations to uphold certain social values and protect the rights of employees, general public, customers, environment and basically anyone who is connected or affected by its activities. Moreover, the scope of CSR activities has widened where a company can voluntarily donate funds to an institution or help certain members of the community who are in no way affected by its activities like oppressed working class of a particular community in a foreign country.

CSR consulting firms and their services to corporate bodies

Corporate social responsibility strategies may range from carrying out simple activity of cleaning the workplace to helping a charity hospital set up in its vicinity. Corporate social responsibility companies in India indulge in one or other type of CSR activity which differ on the basis of their business plans, policies and budget.

For carrying out CSR activities in an organization, companies have to create a well defined plan and set aside sufficient funds for making the plan a reality. This process requires thorough understanding and analysis of various aspects which requires spending company’s valuable resources and money. Companies therefore hire the services of professional CSR consulting firms which can provide various functions which in turn help companies to focus on its core activities. A consulting firm can provide following services:

1. Research services:

CSR consulting firms carries out careful analysis of the business model and policies which the company and its employees uphold. Moreover, the firm analyzes various aspects of the society which may need help from the company or can be helped by the respective company. The consulting firms carries out deep research of all the important aspects of a successful CSR policy and strategy ranging from activities and budget to be allocated to for carrying out the activities.

2. Advisory services:

CSR consulting firm carefully analyses various aspects of a successful CSR plan in order to create relevant and suitable initiatives under the CSR policy of the company. They try to understand the type of business the company is involved in and the stakeholders who are affected by its activities. CSR consulting firm guides the organization and advises it on various aspects like the activities which can improve their brand image and can help the general public effectively. They even train employees of the company to successfully perform CSR activities mentioned under the CSR plan.

3. Implementation:

CSR consulting firms helps to implement the CSR policy/plan which the company created for itself or created by the consulting firm for the company. This involves actually carrying out the CSR activities and directing funds and resources for helping the community in a genuine manner.

4. Monitoring:

After the CSR plan has been implemented, consulting firms even monitors the company to ensure the activities have been successfully implemented, funds have been successfully directed and the community has received the benefits of carrying out CSR activities or not. The firm create a detailed describing the benefits the company and community have received through consistent CSR efforts.

Every CSR consulting firm provide such basic CSR consulting programs and services in order to make a company socially and culturally responsible.


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