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Angry Birds 2 mod apk was released for you in 2015 and this game is so exciting when you want to destroy the green pigs and you cannot find this excitement in other games. This game with a great graphics and beautiful design for Dear gamers, it has been designed and special effects such as explosive effects, dust and destructibility have made this version of the game one of the best works of art, and the art director has designed this android game as attractive as if Structural components are thrown at you after the explosion.

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Game graphics

Angry birds 2 graphics may not have been good in previous versions, but in newer versions it has improved a lot, and we see wooden, stone and icy structures, and a completely two-dimensional game, and in the new version, we see excellent and unique graphics that gamers from They can not take any objections.

After you have installed this popular game and downloaded the game data. You enter the game environment which is extremely attractive and they did the best design on the environment.

Angry birds 2 mod apk has attractive graphics that will attract you to this game that if you have played the previous version, you are familiar with the sections of the second version and all the pages of the game are well displayed for the audience.

You can easily enter the game environment and start the game.

Game story

Here you join the Island of Angry Birds and you must destroy the green pigs. Angry birds 2 android has many stages, each stage of which consists of several parts that are separate from each other, and you can not access the next stage until you pass one stage. So you have to finish the steps carefully and go to the next step.

In the next stages, new birds are added to the game to destroy the evil pigs because the pigs looted the birds ‘eggs and you have to conquer different lands and in each stage you have access to the birds’ eggs and the birds. Return. But again at the same time the birds’ eggs are stolen by the pigs.

The end of each stage is the most difficult because the giants of that stage enter the game and you have to attack the giants with enough concentration and accuracy through your favorite birds and destroy them until you have destroyed the giants. You can not climb to a higher level.

A two-dimensional environment is designed where you can interact with cartoon images and characters. It is a very interesting environment full of different animations and it can be said that you can see these animations in any of the sections you play.

Game instructions

In angry bird 2, you have to attack pigs and disrupt their life stages through the lovely and various birds that are present in angry birds 2 hack apk, which is one of the pure and lovely moments of the Android game.

Everything is well displayed and there are some things that will guide you through the various stages of the game and you will go through the stages faster and move on to the next stage.
In this game, the environment of each stage is different from the other, and this issue has made children and teenagers happy about this issue, and they can attack pigs in rainy and sunny conditions, and even in conditions where lightning strikes, and they Destroy.

One of the topics that the audience likes is that when they throw the bird towards the pig, the pig’s face changes and fear and stress sit on the pig’s face and its face becomes very interesting and the bird’s face which is very angry is a very attractive state. Finds and in the upper part, the faces of both the bird and the pig are displayed, which is very similar to the movies.

If you win each stage and complete that stage successfully, you will receive a reward and you will receive new birds through the prize boxes that you have to attack the pigs from the right angle.

The interesting sound of birds has also attracted the audience to this game and it has an exciting sound. There are some ice balls in the game that are thrown at the pigs, freezing the pig building and turning it into glass. One of the features added to this second version is that angry birds can destroy pigs. In other words, in the previous version, the game automatically chose which bird to throw, but in the new version, you can choose your favorite bird and throw it to the pig, and at the end of each stage of the game, you will be awarded a point. Which is a maximum of three stars. You will also be rewarded if you use fewer birds while playing.

Angry Birds 2 is a casual game for android

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Game sound:

The best music and voice acting is done on the characters and the audience does not complain about the voice acting of angry birds 2. rovio has tried to share the great sound effects for the audience and the characters’ voices are very exciting.


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