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Premier Movers is the finest moving company in Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Moving is boring for many people, so we are here to help you make that day as fun as possible. To make your move simple and quick, we provide many moving services, the best employees to work for you, and we show respect for any item that belongs to you.

Our skilled movers in Jacksonville Beach can handle any move, from a small flat to a huge mansion. Moving is stressful, and we all agree. We take the stress out by providing quality services at a reasonable price. So, if you’re looking for the best crew to have your back, look no further than Premier Movers.

Why Should You Choose Us And Nobody Else?

You should trust us for many reasons, but we will give you the essence of what we want to express. You should hire us because of our:

1. Professionalism & Quality

We are very proud of our professionalism and quality of services. You will need somebody to help you with this situation (Not your friends :P).

Our trained movers in Jacksonville Beach are committed to providing you with high-quality services at a fair cost. We take the time to understand your needs and create a moving strategy. We also use the highest-quality moving equipment and materials, so you can be confident that your things will be safe and sound during the move.

2. Pricing & Packaging Services

Premier Movers strives to provide you with the best moving services, which will be worth every penny. We offer competitive prices and a variety of packages to meet your needs. Our pricing is based on the size and complexity of the move, and we also offer discounts for our clients. We also offer various personalized packaging services to make your move easier, such as packing and unpacking, storage, and delivery services.

3. Reviews & Testimonials

Premier Movers takes pride in customer service and strives to help you with anything they can. We have a 5-star rating on Google and other review sites and countless positive testimonials from our satisfied customers. We are committed to providing these services the whole time to everybody, and our reviews and testimonials clearly demonstrate that.

4. Customer Service

Moving can be stressful, so our guys try their best to help everybody that needs our assistance. Our team is always ready to answer any inquiries you may have. We also offer 24-hour customer service, so you can always get a response to any kind of inquiry you have.

Services From Premier Movers

Premier Movers is a one-stop shop for all the moving services, only to match your needs. Our full-service moves involve everything from packing the smallest item to loading your big refrigerator and transporting them to your new house.

These are some of the services we provide for you:

1. Local Moving

With a 100% customer satisfaction rate, we’ve proven time after time that we are the best choice for hiring local movers. Premier Movers, our company in Jacksonville, FL, will simplify the process whether you’re relocating across town, your neighborhood, or the country. Premier Movers offers the best trucks, men, and experience to make relocation as easy as possible.

We offer a fleet of modern moving vehicles and the most specialized moving specialists to handle any move. We handle small and large local removals. Don’t worry about a thing. You can rest assured that our experts will handle your mirrors or antique clock with care and that we have everything we need to complete the task and leave you happy in your new home.

2. Long-Distance Movers

Are you going to live across the state? Throughout the country? Not a problem! Our movers in Jacksonville, FL, are available to help with various long-distance services that can alleviate the stress of your upcoming relocation.

We’ve established the best professional techniques for our long-distance clients. We maintain professionalism throughout the move to make your moving day a beautiful event.

3. Residential Moving

Moving a complete house is a chaotic and stressful process, even if you only relocate down the street. (Not to mention that you must deal with your kids). Premier Mover, our local moving company, has performed thousands of successful moves throughout the city.
Our moving specialists will provide you with the most appropriate quote possible and walk you through the entire moving procedure from beginning to end.

4. Commercial Moving

Regarding expert office furniture movers, you need a company that takes its business as seriously as you do.

We provide the same experience and professionalism to our commercial clients as our residential clients. Our movers in Jacksonville, FL, will disassemble and reinstall your office with easy efficiency and perfect precision, working hard to minimize downtime.

You will not find another office moving company in Jacksonville, FL, that requires the same level of training and experience from our movers and our entire staff as we do. We are confident that you will be impressed by our personnel’s professionalism, kindness, and dedication to customer service.

5. Packing & Unpacking

We all know that relocating is difficult, but did you realize there’s something even more stressful? Unpacking and packing takes a long time, is boring, and requires much effort.

Premier Movers is a team of expert packers and movers who can manage almost every element of your move.

Our Jacksonville home packing services might involve packing all your belongings, supplying you with the tools you need to pack your belongings, safely and quickly transferring all of your belongings to the new place, and unpacking in the second location.

Moving Tips

When it comes to moving, it’s important to plan. Moving can be made easier if you plan ahead of time. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Pack as soon as you can. Leave packing until the last minute. It will make things worst. In this case, you can finish everything on time.
  • Make a checklist of everything you’ll need. You have to make sure you have everything you need for the first few days.
  • Label all the boxes. Labeling the boxes can make it much easier to find items unpacking.
  • Take measurements of your furniture. Measure the furniture in your old and new homes to ensure it fits in the new space.
  • Hire a professional moving company in Jacksonville, FL, like Premier Movers. The only thing that will be required of you is to enjoy your bottle of beer.


We got you covered if you are moving to Jacksonville, FL, or the surrounding areas. We will give you a free moving quotation despite your required moving services. This estimate will include a consultation, a moving strategy and schedule, a driving route, and a price.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and are available for weekend and evening appointments.

If you have any questions concerning the moving services mentioned above or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 904-666-0423 or [email protected].


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