How Seeing an Optometrist Proved to be a Wise Idea


You are having the time of your life after leaving your job and taking early retirement, freeing up lots of time in your new location where you love visiting new places as well as doing lots of reading and broadening your knowledge, which previously neglected far too often.

For several years you have suffered from long-sightedness having raised many a giggle being able to see the number of a bus in the distance but being unable to read a menu. You have managed by using cheap reading glasses, but on a visit to see friends in Sutherland Shire, they convince you that it is time to visit an Optometrist in Jannali.

You want to visit an eye care centre offering a full service which can provide a wide range of glasses, frames, and contact lenses and offering plenty of brand names. One with over two decades of experience would be ideal, so that you know you are in the hands of professionals.

You realise after research that you should have been to have your eyes tested several years earlier and had regular checks thereafter with a proper examination, rather than waiting and reacting to a condition such as headaches or blurriness or the advice of friends, who while looking after you, are no experts.

You must admit that you do sometimes have a bit of a pain at the back of the eye. You are told that this could be glaucoma, caused by elevated pressure from the liquid inside the eyeball. It was a great idea to visit the optometrist for that reason alone.

You were offered the choice between spectacles or contact lenses. You were tempted with the lenses as you can rid yourself of the glasses, which you do have a habit of forgetting or losing, and being able to create your own personal style to freshen up your appearance. However, if you are capable of losing a pair of spectacles, then unable to find or mislay contact lenses would be inevitable. Added to which, you have notoriously unsteady hands, so goodness knows where you would end up wearing them.

After speaking to the experts who carried out a thorough examination, they reiterated the need to visit an optometrist on a regular basis as your eyes are likely to change, in the same way you went from enjoying perfect vision to your current state. The strength of the required lenses could well change over time, which can be verified through further tests.

Perhaps your eyesight is being affected by debris in your eyes? You are unlikely to know, but it would be detected during a visit where the effects of the sun when offering advice on lenses will be taken into account. Ideal for when you decide to have a day at the cricket at a local club in bright conditions.

You wish that you had received the advice earlier as a visit to the high class optometrist has given you a thorough examination and helped you choose the perfect pair of spectacles.


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