How Software Assist Beauty Industry in Covid Pandemic


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COVID-19 has intentionally or unintentionally has affected the beauty industry. Hence, the ROI of Salons has been reduced to a great extent. It becomes challenging to get the Salon back on track after the influence (negative) of this pandemic. However, now is an excellent time to access the booking process.

How Software Assist Beauty Industry in Covid Pandemic

To assist the Salon to survive in the pandemic, here in this article, we have gathered the best tricks and tips for the same. Improve the cash flow, implement the top email marketing and significantly, allow the Salon staff to work in a secure environment that fulfills the social distancing practices with the Salon booking system.

Reasons to choose Salon Software in the COVID-19 pandemic

Convert the services as digital

Salon and beauty Salons carry out digital consultations with Salon software, that send the forms to the customers to fill ahead to the visit and can be integrated with video calls.

Also, there are online contactless payments with solutions, cutting down the problem of the shared payment touchpoints. The management solution has propelled automated contact tracing, however, it is not critical. Globally, businesses are asked to gather and keep customer information updated.

The software updates the customer details from the smartphone itself- you just integrate a link to the appointment alerts SMS and every record would be secure and accurate.
Access while social distancing

The Salon Software campaign is assisting the Salon to manage the relationships with customers in this pandemic. Every Salon staff has access to the scheduling system from a device (PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet), therefore, there is no requirement for sharing the one PC and risk contagion.

Also, the solution offers Salon owners the choice to possess staff work from several locations. Therefore, more employees can assure the prospect of social distancing. The solution notifies the customer where the staff member will be for the booking the appointments; that is the specific salon position if you are the multi-site, visiting the customer in their home or working from home).

This is a helpful tool as if the customer has Coronavirus, test, and trace need every employee on the website to quarantine for almost 14 days. It implies you can operate the business this time as each staff member would be infected.
Make the enough money

If you are concerned about the finances, it is worth spending time on the application that will provide you with a real-time picture of the cash flow. Float gives a visual graph of what’s happening with the money, according to the real-time details. Therefore, you can create cash flow- forecasting choices positively.

Automatically, it synchronizes with the software, therefore, you can notice incoming cash, outgoing expenses, and which invoices and bills are overdue.

It enables you to operate business scenarios according to the current cash flow allowing you to understand the financial consequences when you lose customers, receive late payments, and improve expenses. Every factor could influence the Salons’ survival in the pandemic.

Brush up the marketing

This pandemic time is giving you the time to improve your marketing skills. However, you can experience a better perception of how to operate the Salon effectively and get fruitful results. The Salon scheduling and booking software is definitely a globally recognized solution for learning, which will approximately let your Salon have long-term success. The features, such as marketing automation, coupon management, gift cards, loyalty system, feedback system, and SMS campaigns, etc.- each of these features are definite to thrive in the upcoming months.

Like, you can improve your marketing by arranging the campaigns, offering personalized gift cards, referrals, etc. All you have to do is opt for the right technique to which measures to be included in marketing to get more and more customers while re-opening the Salon.

Remote and contactless booking service

One of the major advantages of the Salon management solution is that it offers a remote and contactless booking service. It implies that the customers can schedule, reschedule or cancel the bookings online without asking or calling the front desk, or visiting the Salon in person. Also, it means that the Salon staff can also spend their quality time focussing on their potential customers or on improving the marketing or success rate. This assists in providing more satisfying and better in-person service for the customer, and providing them the control over the appointment time as well.

Automated Tasks and Calendar

In addition to assisting to build a more pleasing experience for customers, having a powerful online booking system for the Salon business makes the days more relaxed.

From the booking solution, you can simply and quickly automate the Salon operations; act quickly, and leverage the advantages of the integrated calendar. It implies that even if any of the staff is on leave, then anyone in the Salon can access the system and can get updated on daily operation.

From the integrated calendar, the Salon staff can quickly check how many bookings are booked and if there is any cancellation and find the updates as well.

Enhanced loyalty program and payment opinions

Receiving payments is an essential part of operating the Salon business adequately. By leveraging the Salon software, you can enable the owners to offer several payment methods for their customers. It not only assists them in making the customers feel more involved, though, it allows them to make more money.

As each payment could get completed online, this implies that you can start the deposit program. It is the program where the customers will be imposed for the missed bookings. Indeed, these are a huge financial loss for the Salon and Spa business owners.

So, asking for the cancellation charge implies that the Salon owner does not have to experience a major loss when the customer does not show up. Using the Salon online booking software, you can make it seamless to implement the loyalty programs.

The customers will admire the feeling that they are earning money and the point scheme will assist them to improve brand loyalty, steady customer base, and bring in new business opportunities.

Wrapping Up

It does not matter if your business is new or is established a long time back, COVID-19 has affected every Salon. However, it is vital to keep the professional intact. Do not let your customers feel that they have to look for other salons to get service after completing the lockdown.

It is advised to include the Salon Software in your Salon to solve many potential concerns. What more- the Salon software is designed to be easy to use and simple, therefore, if you are not confident particularly in technology, then leverage the management software.

Certainly, the Spa or Salon owner job is tough, notably at this deadly time period. To assure that the Salon staff and existing customers remain satisfied and visit you time and again, then, use the Salon software only. Also, it assists in engaging more customers and providing them customer-friendly experience, however, following every important measure of COVID-19 safety.

Do share your thoughts with us regarding this write-up. If you are stuck somewhere or have any queries, then, feel free to comment below. We are here to assist you.

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