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The average human hair grows half an inch every month, but what if you wanted to grow more than an inch of hair in just one week? Find out how you can grow your hair three times faster with new hair growth here.

Since I was a teenager, my hair growth cycle has slowed down. This is due to a combination of genetics, follicle-stimulating hormone and low iron counts, and other factors that my hair is struggling through the phase to grow new hair.

Ways to Grow Hair Fast And Naturally

From there I looked for ways to grow hair faster and over the years I experimented with various hair products and home remedies. I finally found a formula that actually worked. I care a lot about growing new hair, but it was a shock accidental at the same time my hair grew faster.

It’s hard to believe now that I know that, this article can teach you how to grow hair in one day. I would like to share with you my successful experience of growing hair fast as it might also be of use to you.

How fast can hair grow?

Before we start with how to grow hair fast and naturally, let’s first discuss how fast hair usually grows which will make us understand what we want.

According to the USA Centers for Disease Control, human hair grows at an average of 0.50 inches (1.25 cm) per month which is 6 inches per year.

The speed at which hair grows depends on two things: one genetics and the second form of your follicle-stimulating hormone.

Asian hair is generally thick and coarse compared to European and African hair. And I am of Asian descent but my mother has very thin hair while my father has very thick hair. So from that cross, I have a combination of both their hairs that form thick strands but thin or sparse!

Hair growth at an average of 0.50 inches per month sounds like a lot to me but in reality, why wouldn’t I? Well, it turns out that things like changing hairstyles, bad diets, and not caring for your hair are the causes of split ends and breakage which reduces the length of your hair.

So this makes us wonder.

How does hair grow?

Each hair grows from a hair follicle, your scalp can have anywhere from 90,000 to 150,000 follicles.

Hair follicles are the structures of the skin where hair grows, along with stem cells, they help produce and grow hair. Your hair starts growing from the roots at the bottom of the follicle which is made up of protein cells.

The blood vessels in your scalp feed the roots beneath the follicles that create cells and make hair grow. In this article, you will find tips that will increase cell protein and blood flow resulting in faster hair growth.

Three phases of hair growth:

Anagen – Growth phase. The longer a hair is in this phase, the longer it will grow – depending on genetics which may last 2 – 6 years.

Catagen – This is the transitional phase that hair experiences after Anagen ends. The hair follicles will shrink, the papillae begin to shed the hair that is no longer attached to the nutrient supply from the blood vessels while the hair no longer grows.

Telogen – Also known as the resting phase. The follicle is no longer active and the hair will stick in its place. Or depending on the strength of the follicles which could make hair soft and free to lose.

The phases go together: several strands of hair on your head will be in the Anagen and Telogen phases at the same time. For each strand of hair, the Anagen phase will restart after the Telogen phase, but some people may experience a longer Telogen phase which means the hair is shed and no new hair grows (bald).

This can lead to thinning hair to baldness, so what we’re going to do later is to effectively maximize the Anagen phase and encourage the growth phase to start.

Here are some ways that I recommend for you

7 Ways to grow hair fast and naturally

1. Eat Biotin Rich Foods To Help Hair Growth.

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, forms part of the B complex group of vitamins that help convert food into fuel for energy. It also helps in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

Here are examples of foods rich in biotin:

  • Almonds, Peanuts, Candlenuts, and Walnuts
  •  Eggs (egg yolk is one of the highest concentrations of Biotin)
  • Milk and Cheese
  • Salmon and Sardines
  • Avocado
  • Cabbage (vegetable)

2. Inversion Method Massaging the Scalp

Once a day for seven consecutive days massage your scalp with fingertips for five minutes. Make sure you use a stopwatch to determine the length of time. Be sure to tilt your head slightly or preferably in a chair and bend your head forward. By doing this, it encourages blood to flow to the head and stimulates the hair follicles to promote the Anagen stage.

Remember – ‘Inversion’ is to position the heart higher than your head. Usually found in yoga practice and safe to do, but if you already feel dizzy or have a heavy head stop immediately.

To maximize this method, use olive oil when massaging.

3. Wash Hair With Cold Water

If hot water makes the hair moist and can weaken the strands then washing your hair with cold water is recommended because the pores of the hair will close, which helps protect the scalp from dirt, grease, and oil. If the pores are narrowed or sealed, it will make your hair stronger and stronger.

So Ways to lengthen hair quickly and naturally, good luck and useful.


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