How to Balance Both Theory and MCQs in the NEET Preparation?


From our childhood, our parents often demand us to become a doctor or engineer. Seeing our child become a doctor is a dream of every parent. Thus, they start the coaching classes for NEET examinations during school days. If you want to become a doctor, you need to qualify for NEET examinations. NEET examination is the only way you can achieve your dream. But clearing this examination is quite challenging. Not only is its syllabus lengthy, but its question paper also requires a balanced preparation. The question paper of NEET often contains both the MCQs and the theory-based questions. And you need to solve both at a time. Thus, most students or candidates often find difficulties in completing the paper on time and scoring the required marks.

How to Balance Both Theory and MCQs in the NEET Preparation

Hence, after a lot of studies and strategies, I have come up with certain tips that will help you to balance both the theory as well as the MCQs at a time during the NEET preparation:

● Go through the theories thoroughly: theories are the key through which you could be able to solve your questions accurately during your NEET examination. Accuracy is the main element that one must maintain during the examination to score well. But due to such problems, one must not avoid the theory part. Most theory questions often carry more marks, and avoiding such questions won’t work well. Thus, you need to focus on the theory part of the syllabus to score more in the NEET examination.

● Go through the questions repeatedly before answering: Going through the questions often helps you to regain your confidence level. You will also understand the requirements of the questions that are given within the lines. Going through the questions properly will allow you to provide accurate answers to the questions.

● Sit for mock test: the mock test is also very important to balance the theory and the MCQ part of the questions. It often helps you understand the question pattern of the NEET examination and enables you to analyze your preparation level. You could easily analyze how much effort you still needed to provide for your final NEET exam.

● Regular problem-solving habit: regularity is also an important part of your preparation. For instance, if you start preparing for your NEET exam from today and the second day, you are not going through any of the notes of NEET. Then, you will forget what you have studied and what you have to study. You will also lose your interest and couldn’t balance both the theory and the MCQ part of the questions.

● Take expert help: Most of the time, you may not understand any theory or any topic, don’t hesitate to ask about the subjects’ experts. Online learning apps like Extramarks often provide the experts to help you in any matter regarding the subjects.

● Revise twice and thrice: According to the experts, the more you revise, the more you will be able to understand the points said between the lines. Thus, if you revise your subjects twice or thrice, you will be able to answer more accurately and speedily during your final NEET examination.

Other than the above-mentioned points, there are many other ways that you could employ to balance the theory and MCQs during your NEET preparation.


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