The Best 7 Free Tools To Easily Add Watermarks To PDF File


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A watermark is a text or an image appearing behind or in front of existing documents. It plays a significant function today, letting you mark your files as your own. To add watermarks to your PDF files, a need for the right tools is essential. This tool will let you take complete control of where and how your watermark appears in your documents.

The Best 7 Free Tools To Easily Add Watermarks To PDF File

If your files contain essential and sensitive information, you can also customize confidential watermarks to specify on a page. Besides, adding watermarks helps to secure copyright data, which prevents unauthorized people from printing the documents. This article will share the best seven free tools you can use to watermark PDF online free of charge.

1. GogoPDF

If you are a busy person and looking for a tool to quickly add watermark to PDF free online, the GogoPDF is best for you. It offers the fastest processing time possible and produces high-quality results. This web-based tool comes with straightforward instructions on how to use and navigate all the services they offer. So even if you’re a beginner, you can still access all of its features.

To add watermarks, you need to upload or transfer your PDF files on the GogoPDF official website’s watermark tool. Next, it will provide an option of what watermark you would situate it to a specific part of the PDF files you like.

Then, hit the “Add Watermark” button, and the tool will now begin saving the changes you’ve made that will typically require a few minutes to finish. When it’s completely done, you can download your PDF file with a watermark to your device. As simple and easy as that, your watermark is now added to your PDF files.

2. PDFaid

Following the free watermark tool on the list is PDFaid. It allows you to create individual PDF files by adding your customized watermark to them. It also enables you to pick your preferred position to put the watermark in your PDF. You can also select the textual style tone, type, and characters shade of your watermark. It also contains Korean, Japanese, and Chinese text styles incorporated into the PDF files.

3. PDFdu

PDFdu is another free online tool to let you convert images to PDF format.

It likewise helps you to add text watermark to your PDF files without difficulties. To add a text watermark, you just have to click on the File menu on this platform’s main interface and afterward “settings”. The next step would select the command “add watermark” and pick the test you prefer to place as the watermark and click the “OK” button.

More than that, this tool allows you to perform batch watermark, making it efficient and hassle-free to use. You can also save some of your time and money since it is accessible for free. Its user interface is easy-to-use, so it’s not a problem even if you’re a newbie to using this kind of tool.


It is a watermark PDF online that lets you add watermarks to your PDF files to the style that suits you best and the uniqueness needed in your documents. It is also an editing tool that gives you editing features you can use to alter your PDF freely. The allows you to embed text and pictures as watermarks to your PDF documents.

5. VeryPDF Free PDF Stamp Online

It is another online PDF watermark tool that permits you to add watermarks to your PDF files without essentially using any PDF applications. It also lets you use your preferred watermark style: best font color, text tone, stamp position, watermark’s layer level, and textual style and stamp position using its exceptional features. The only downside is that VeryPDF Free PDF Stamp Online will only allow adding a stamp or a watermark of under 10 MB to your documents. It offers very limited space.

6. PDFPro

PDFPro is another free PDF converter that provides services to you to create PDF files. It also comes with features of allowing you to add a watermark to the created PDF files. This online PDF watermark will enable you to add watermarks online to mark PDF files your own. With this online program, you can add watermarks to the foreground or background of your documents, depending on your choice.

7. Watermark-Images

Last but not least, the free tool on the list is Watermark-Images. This is another online free tool that allows you to batch watermark your image, scanned PDF files. It permits you to pick position and text style among different options found on the left menu. It is equipped for watermarking various images and downloading them at once on your device. The application is easy to use and doesn’t need any costly image protection software. Plus, any custom watermark can be set while utilizing this platform.


Adding watermarks to your PDF files is easy. Many watermark tools are accessible online, but not all of these free tools have the same quality service as GogoPDF (top pick on the list). You can directly visit its websites and be acquainted with all the features, especially how to add watermarks in your PDF file. Since it offers quick service at no charge, completing your tasks of adding watermarks to bunches of articles will be convenient and less stress on your part. We hope this article helps you out in finding the best tool for your watermarking needs.


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