How To Choose Best Fittings For Your Bathroom?


Bathroom fittings can be a tricky thing to buy. When you’re looking at the pieces and considering your options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different shapes, sizes, and materials. Thankfully there are certain guidelines which will make choosing the best fittings for your bathroom an easier process.

How To Choose Best Fittings For Your Bathroom

Things To Consider While Buying Fittings For Bathrooms.

1. Select a material that matches your personal style: While you can always buy a fitting made of stone, it’s likely that if you’re looking at a bathroom with stone or marble features, you’ll have used it in another room. A better option is something made of porcelain, because it will be more durable and less likely to chip and crack. If you have an outdated look in mind, choosing porcelain will bring those features right into your newly renovated bathroom.

2. Make sure you have enough room around it: It’s almost always a good idea to opt for fixtures which have some additional room on either side, so you can use all the space available. However, this doesn’t mean all of your storage space will be taken, because you should also consider how much room there is before and after while purchasing a bathroom fitting. Bathroom fittings manufacturers in India suggest you to go for one that clips into place rather than needing to screw or bolt into the wall. Sometimes it’s also possible to use double sinks if you want a little more space on either side.

3. Choose fittings which are right for the fixture they’re intended to fit: While most fixtures come with their own mounting hardware when purchased new, this isn’t always the case. Those with a floating or wall-mounted faucet will need to be installed with the appropriate type of mounting hardware. Choose those which are made for that particular fixture, and don’t forget the mounting bracket underneath!

4. Think about the flow of your bathroom: The best way to do this is to make a quick sketch of each section, and mark where the tiles are in relation to the sink and the shower or tub. Take into account where holes have been cut in walls, and consider what changes you might like to make in your existing layout. Over time your bath space will probably need some changes, so bathroom accessories suppliers suggest you opt for fixtures that can be easily removed or repositioned.

It’s also important that they take up as little space as possible when positioning them on a shelf or wall mount. Some wall mounts have these added shelves to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. If your bathroom fits perfectly in a single corner, pick something that can be slotted into a corner, or if you want to avoid fitting them on the floor, choose something that’s lightweight and easy to move around.

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