How to Find and Eliminate Bed Bugs


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A famous saying warns everyone not to let the bed bugs bite at night. This quote describes how these insects affect homeowners. Bed bugs, which measure around 5 millimeters long, survive off the blood of people and animals. The little pests target and bite you while you sleep, leaving itchy red welts all over your body as a souvenir.

How to Find and Eliminate Bed Bugs

While bed bugs don’t spread contagious diseases, their constant bloodsucking can bring skin problems and loss of sleep. Plus, any house pest is always a nuisance. If you’re looking for a handy guide for bedbug elimination, here are a few tips for you. But before performing some DIY removal methods, know where to find the pesky creatures first.

Common Hiding Places

Similar to termite nests, the harborage is the bed bugs’ shelter. It is the place where the insects feed, excrete, shed skin, and lay eggs. By finding the little creatures’ base, you can eliminate the pesky swarm in one fell swoop. Read on to learn where bed bugs hide around your home. One tip when looking is that harborages are typically near a food source.

  • Around the Piping, Seams, Tufts, or Tag of Mattresses and Box Springs
  • Cracks and Crevices of the Bed Frame, Headboard, and Footboard
  • Clutter Near Beds
  • Joints and Crevices of Drawers and Bedside Furniture
  • The Seams of Couches and Chairs
  • Behind Baseboards and Decorative Trim Pieces
  • Picture Frames and Wall Hangings
  • Behind Peeling Paint and Loose Wallpaper
  • On the Back of Light Switches and Electrical Outlets
  • Inside Electrical Equipment Like Alarm Clocks
  • Curtain Folds
  • Under Carpeting Close to the Wall

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bedbug elimination takes some serious effort, especially when using DIY means. Follow these steps to remove the presence of the pesky little bloodsuckers around your home.

Temperature Cleaning

Extreme heat and cold are effective in removing bed bugs from your belongings. You can use both to kill the vermin living in your linens, clothing, bedding, and curtains.

• Using the Heat

Washing infested fabrics in hot water for 30 minutes and placing them in a dryer for the same amount of time is effective against bed bugs. Make sure to use the highest heat setting on your dryer to achieve the desired results.

Another way to utilize heat for bedbug elimination is by using a steam cleaner. With the device, you can spray steam on the little pests’ hiding places, like mattresses and furniture.

• Using the Cold

If you have bags infested with bed bugs, you can use low temperatures to get rid of the swarm. To do so, you can place your items inside a freezer set at 0°F or -17°C. Then, leave your bags for four days or more before recovering them.

Vacuum Cleaning

If you want to lessen the number of bed bugs inside your home, you should bring out your handy vacuum cleaner. It is a simple approach that’s very easy to practice. Use the machine to vacuum bed bugs hiding in your beds, furniture, holes in the wall, and curtains. After cleaning, remember to seal and dispose of the vacuum bag outdoors.

Chemical Treatments

If you’re looking to eliminate bed bugs quickly, you can always go the chemical route. There are many insecticides in the market, so remember to choose EPA-certified brands. Here are some products effective against the minuscule pests:

  • Desiccants
  • Foggers or Bug Bombs
  • Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids
  • Pyrroles
  • Plant Oil-Based Products
  • Neonicotinoids

Discard Infested Furniture

If removing bed bugs is impossible, it’s better to dispose of furniture pieces that are too far gone. Throw away beds, chairs, and sofas if you cannot free them from the infestation. Destroy the covers and stuffing to keep other people from recycling your furniture. As a courtesy, mark the item with a sign that indicates it has bed bugs.

Cover Up Surface Cracks and Damage

If you see any wall cracks or loose wallpaper, it’s a good idea to repair them ASAP. Sealing these crevices will prevent bed bugs from nesting inside them. You can fix damage with products like wallpaper adhesive, tape, or caulking.

Get Help From a Pest Management Expert

Taking strategic measures to get rid of bed bugs can bring you and your family some peace of mind. If you follow the steps mentioned, you no longer have to wake up with itchy red bites and rashes around your body. Eliminating the infestation also saves your household from bed bug-related damage.

If you’re having difficulties finding or fending off bed bugs, don’t hesitate to get professional help. Reach out to your trusted bills pest termite control company for effective insect removal services. With their assistance, your home will be vermin-free in no time.


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