How to Maintain Electrical Transformers?


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Electrical transformers are very reliable machines because they’re static and don’t have any moving or turning parts. Just like any other machine, heavy use and aging are some of the key factors that contribute to deterioration in their performance. However, regular maintenance can improve the electrical equipment’s performance and lifespan and provide safe and trouble-free operation.

How to Maintain Electrical Transformers

Conditional maintenance of electrical transformers is one type of maintenance done during emergencies. Periodically based maintenance is the other type of maintenance that’s performed regularly. The latter is economical since it may make breakdown maintenance unnecessary, thereby saving you from downtime. The main transformer maintenance actions are discussed below:

Daily Basis Maintenance

  1. Electrical transformers should always have enough oil levels of MOG (Magnetic Oil Gauge).
  2. You should also check the silica gel color daily and replace it when it turns to pink.
  3. Leaks should also be checked and sealed at any time.

Monthly Maintenance

  1. Electrical transformers’ breathers should be checked and cleaned every month. You must make sure that the breathing holes in silica gel cleaner are free of any dirt.
  2. The oil in the oil cap should always be within the required level. You should top up the transformer oil monthly to ensure it doesn’t go below the recommended level.
  3. Oil should be filled to the specified level if the electrical equipment has oil-filling bushing.
  4. The various types of transformer alarms like pressure-relief and liquid temperature devices should be inspected monthly.

Annual Maintenance

An annual inspection is ideal for those electrical transformers in a clean and dry location. The installation of transformers in a hostile environment may accelerate their deterioration.

  1. It’s important to ensure the air fans, oil pumps, and other items involved in cooling the transformer are in good shape all year round.
  2. Use soft cotton to clean all the bushings of your electrical equipment. You should also check bushing for any cracks.
  3. Inspect the oil condition of OLTC annually. The decision to replace or filter the oil should be based on dielectric strength (BDV) and moisture content (PPM) measures.
  4. Buchholz and Press Release Device relays should be inspected annually.
  5. Cleaning the inside of marshaling boxes and the inspection of space and illumination heaters should be done once per year.
  6. For a 132 kV transformer, DGA or Dissolve Gas Analysis of transformer oil should be done every year. For electrical transformers below 132 kV and above 132 kV, it should be done once in two years and two-year intervals, respectively.

Benefits of Maintaining Electrical Transformers

  • Regular maintenance of electrical transformers increases safety by detecting any defects before anything dangerous happens.
  • The performance of transformers can deteriorate if they’re not inspected regularly. Maintenance helps improve the electrical equipment’s performance by ensuring all parts are in good working condition.
  • When electrical transformers go for a long time without care, they may breakdown. Repairing them after the breakdown can be more expensive than routine maintenance.
  • Electrical transformers may cause inconveniences when they breakdown. Regular maintenance ensures the equipment is working properly all the time, averting any inconvenience.

How to Consult With Licensed Professionals?

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