Should You Wear Gold or Silver Jewellery?


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Jewellery is a way of enhancing your ensemble. It’s an age-old argument, what to choose between gold and silver.

If you look back into history, centuries ago, our ancestors wore these metals designed as beautiful gold animal pendants and necklace to balance their energies and get some positive effects out of them. With changing times, jewellery became just an ornament and eventually a status symbol. If we give a look to jewelry stores Montreal and other parts of the world they have changed drastically over the years. The new trends keep hitting the market with gold and silver jewllery. The demand of the metals also keep on changing along with their prices. Some likes silver and others have an eye on the gold.

Should You Wear Gold or Silver Jewellery

Now, with fashion police and fashion masters all over social media, everyone wants to look bang on. The job is not so easy for beginners, though.

Choosing gold and silver is an absolutely personal choice, but some tricks and tips can help you choose the best metal for you. We know that jewellery shopping is an overwhelming task. Wearing a necklace pendants or diamond danglers is not confined to any special occasion. People love to flaunt their best accessories everywhere and anywhere nowadays. So just catch up with the trends by taking a detour to the enlisted tips just for your ease.

1. Which Colour of Metal to Wear Traditionally:

This point is a debatable one. Traditions around the world hold different values and significance with every jewellery item. Some jewellery pieces have been made in gold to depict a cultural value, yet the same goes for silver jewellery pieces. These jewellery items are often modified, but nothing can beat the true essence of vintage designs. Thus it’s suitable to choose authentic jewellery items to look classy and genuine eternally. It’s going to be an asset for you in the future anyway.

2. Metal Which Suits You & Your Style:

Every person has a unique style that makes them stand out in the crowd. However, It takes several years to find out your standalone style statement. Make sure that you stick to your personal preferences first. Make choices that justify your inner diva. Never run for the trends that make you compromise. You will naturally fall for a particular metal; that’s perfectly fine. Your choice may not go well for your spectators, but that shouldn’t bother you. Moreover, it’s good to try out of the box sometimes. Keep experimenting to keep it lively and surprising always.

3. Pick Jewellery Based On Your Skin Tone:

As we discussed your style above, let’s just help you choose the best with some basic rules associated with the colours and tones of metals. What seems stunning online or offline is not necessarily going to suit you. You need to accept this fact to learn this trick.

Your skin tone plays a significant role in determining the metal that suits you the best. People with warmer skin tones should preferably choose gold, and the ones with cooler tones must try silver jewellery. As we said, jewellery needs to make you look shiny and lustrous; anything contrary to that wouldn’t serve the purpose. Thus make it a point to pick jewellery that favors’ this tip.

4. Determining Skin Tone:

Frankly speaking, not many people understand the true sense of the difference between skin tone and skin colour. A sense of skin tone helps you choose your jewellery, outfits, and accessories better.

People with darker skin colour can have calmer and warm skin tones. Pale and bright skin colour people have different skin tones too. One way to check your skin tone is the tan test. People with warm skin tones get their skin tanned faster than people with cooler skin tones. The other way is the vein check test. People with blue or purple veins have calm skin tone, whereas people with green or yellow veins have warm skin tone.

5. Matching Jewellery to Your Makeup:

Choosing the right jewellery piece for you becomes more tricky with makeup. All of you know makeup can transform you into someone else with a few strokes of a makeup brush. So following the above skin tone rule is not going to be enough. You have to choose your jewellery that looks engaging with your makeup look. Anything offbeat with the makeup will make you look dull, pale, and jarring. Here again, you have to take care of the skin tone but the one after applying makeup. It’s better to choose your jewellery after applying your makeup, or you must have an exact idea of the outcome in advance to avoid last-minute surprises.

6. Matching Jewellery to Your Outfit:

Makeup will make changeovers to your final appearance, but your outfit is the essential element for making the correct jewellery choice. You can always make alterations to your makeup at the last minute according to your outfit, but there is no sense in replacing your outfit for makeup. Thus make sure you choose outfits and jewellery that complement each other in every possible way. The hues of your outfit and the jewellery must enhance your overall persona.

7. Pick Jewellery Based on Your Veins:

As mentioned earlier, there are several tests to determine your skin tone. The most popular of all is the vein test. Flashlight on the veins on your wrist and check the colour that dominates. People with warm skin tones tend to have green or yellow coloured veins, whereas you will find blue or purple shade veins on people with cool undertones. However, this test may not seem relevant for people with darker skin tones. No worries! You can perform a white blouse test to check what’s in the box for you. Stand in front of the mirror wearing a white T-shirt or blouse. If you seem washed out, you are more of a calm skin tone person, whereas if you look tanned, you are definitely warm-toned.

8. Does Gold or Silver Look Better on You?

Your final look is always going to be a blend of all the points listed above. There is no such hard and fast rule to stick to while choosing the jewellery that pleases your eyes. The world is craving new trends every day.

The final choice will definitely depend on your budget. Gold and silver are now available in dual tones also.

You can also choose between rose gold and white gold for a change. Make sure you invest in jewellery items that you can embrace and treasure.


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