How to Meet a Reliable Partner? Tips from QuackQuack to Choose the Right One for You


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From navigating dating apps to meeting someone to begin a relationship with, QuackQuack will help you find true love! Dating apps in India are a hit for some and a miss for many. But with the QuackQuack dating app, you don’t have to look any further! QuackQuack helps singles meet woman seeking man and men across the city daily, making dating simpler, fun, and free! So no more shelling out extra bucks in the hope that you’ll get more and better matches. Just log in, choose your preferences and meet people online!

How to Meet a Reliable Partner

QuackQuack understands modern romance complications but fiercely believes that there is someone for everyone, no matter what they’re seeking: a relationship, friendship, or love! So here are a few tips on how to meet “The One”, or more importantly, choose a good partner:

1. Be honest:

“Honesty is the best policy” definitely holds good when it comes to relationships. People often sell themselves short or hype themselves up to impress others on online dating apps. This pushes the relationship backwards because you can’t fall in love with someone while pretending to be someone else.

At the same time, if your honesty backfires and the person cannot accept you as you are, you’ve dodged a bullet! But if they accept you, and are honest and forthcoming too, then clear your schedule for that second date!

2. No checklists/pros-cons list:

A relationship isn’t a business or a transaction. So, move past your “checklist” of characteristics because you won’t know what will surprise you when you move out of your comfort zone. And as for the famous pros-and-cons list, you’re meeting your partner, not buying a smartphone! So please give them a chance, and open your mind!

3. Don’t be boring/bored:

Not everyone wants to listen to things that we like, and they don’t really care for. So, instead, try to ask them more about themselves, their lives and likes and dislikes, their favourite ice cream flavour or their first childhood memory. People like talking about themselves, so give them a chance and listen.

And in case your date begins to bore you, take our word and call it a night. There’s no point in choosing someone over a conventional attribute (beauty, attractiveness, wealth, etc.) when you can’t have fun with them!

4. Respect them and their boundaries:

Respect is the cornerstone of any relationship, and it also includes respecting the various aspects of their lives like their boundaries, time, space, choices, background, etc.

If you are really attracted to someone but cannot bring yourself to respect them or their job, financial position, opinions, then you’d be doing everyone a big favour by ending it then and there. Conversely, if you feel that you’re not being treated with enough respect, then there’s no better time to call it quits!

5. Look for kindness:

No matter how attractive or interesting or successful they are, finding the right partner comes down to one basic human quality: being kind. If someone seems nice to you but is being unkind to others, then it won’t be long before they treat you unkindly as well. So don’t ignore those instances where kindness has been ignored.

For example: During a date, if the person treats the waiter in a rude, offensive manner, then it’s a red flag. Good character is truly measured by how well you treat those who can’t do anything for you.

Follow these tips and try the QuackQuack free dating app India to begin the search for your dream partner! Meet, chat and date single men, women, guys and girls, from across your city!


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