Reasons Why your Website is Not Getting Traffic


Now-a-days there has been tremendous rise in competition among the digital platforms or websites, it is getting hard to stand out among all of them.

One has to be unique to stand out in rising competition. Getting traffic to a website is a series of steps it won’t come in one go. So you have to keep patience observe where you went wrong and start building SEO on it to your way up.

Reasons Why your Website is Not Getting Traffic

There can be several reasons why your website isn’t getting traffic. Let us go through them:

Not understanding the SEO optimization: Before hosting an website one must understand how search engines work get your hands over the concept of Search Engine Optimization. Google has a course available on the SEO if you want to expand your knowledge go and take the course it’s really helpful. Another way would to take help from professional in this field. Recently we take help from Degions outreach & they increased our traffic by 143%.

Not using the Keywords properly: One of the concept in SEO is keyword search. The search engine mainly focuses on the keyword of the person who is searching and matches it with the content of the page. By this it decides how relevant is your page to the searcher. If you aren’t using the keywords properly it’ll cause less traffic. When your page is not showing up in related searches then it is obvious that traffic will be reduced. What you can do is try to focus on the keyword as in words related to the main topic.

Headlines: This is important every page has its own title or headings giving a description about the content in the page. The page is judged by the heading or title given so if you are not providing a good and relevant title then the search engine will not be able to find your page thus even after writing the relevant content due to titles there will be problem. So put your titles smart, short and reflection of your topic.

Content in the articles: Even after following all the rules of SEO, yet there is no traffic sometimes this can be due to the content in the page. That is if your page title says about the Places to eat in Italy but in the content you are describing more about the places to visit rather than the places to eat the viewers are being misdirected and sometimes this can lead bad feedback. Due to this the viewers won’t choose your page depending upon the past experience thus reducing the traffic. So focusing on the content in your page is one of the important thing.

Not knowing your viewers: Taking feedbacks has been the best form of survey to understand your viewers. Sometimes the writers forget to know the viewers perspective like what they want, what do they expect more or any improvement in the content. If you are going on writing stuff without taking the consideration of your viewers this would lead to less audience that is because if you aren’t providing them with the stuff they want why would they bother choosing your page. So the best thing to do is know your viewers type, ask them what can be done more or any expectations they have this will ensure that you are interested to improve the content.

No Social Interaction: If one wants to expand the business social media marketing is really the way to go. Your activeness on the social platforms will help you to interact with your audience and by thus doing so you are allowing them to know you better. But if you’re inactive on social platforms such as twitter, Facebook and Instagram you are lacking behind to know them. You inactiveness will directly lead to lack of viewers. Another possible reason may be that you aren’t using you social media handles properly i.e you can create a eagerness among the viewers regarding when your next blog or article will be published and the topic. But if you are not showing any such signs then your followers may start unfollowing you.

Not knowing the community you work in: What I exactly want to point is that you don’t know in which surrounding you are working in. This happens many times we think that we know everything so we often stop searching for the things going on. Consider for example you have an IT blog may be you are familiar with all the concepts but up gradation is really necessary, you should have the best knowledge of new technologies being launched how your fellow bloggers are coping up the new concepts in what way are they dealing with these stuff. Not upgrading yourself with the current trends will put you on the last position in the big queue resulting in reduction of the audience.

Backlinks or Guest Posting: If you are a blogger you must know that how important is the guest posting to increase your traffic as well as the ranking of the page. Guest posting is an incredible opportunity to increase your audience. For to guest post again you must know your surroundings, have social interaction with the fellow bloggers, keep yourself posted about the social events going to be held. Being active socially you can ask for guest posting on their site thus getting yourself a backlink from them in this way the viewers of another will get to know about your page or blog, the topics you excel in thus increasing the topic. But if you don’t possess interacting behavior learn to come out of your comfort zone, because not only it is reducing the traffic but also the interest of your viewers.

These are the main reasons why you may be lacking behind in the competition so if you understand where are you going wrong or what steps you aren’t doing properly you can work on them. Try to focus what can you do more to be a better blogger and get the interest of the viewers. Coping up with barriers is the only solution to get done with it. Once you are well oriented again it is sure that the audience will come back.


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