InteracInvestor Review – How Do You Know This Broker Cares About You?


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Before you sign up with a broker, you have to know if really cares about you. If the company you are trusting with your money and information does not care about you, there is no reason to sign up with it. You are taking a huge risk and it doesn’t make sense if you don’t get the same return from the people you trust. I think there is a platform that cares about its traders and this InteracInvestor review will reveal that company to you.

I want to talk about its features that are really focused on the benefits of traders. I will tell you about them and let you decide if you feel the same way.

Customer Support through Many Channels

Have you noticed the recent trend of many online brokers sticking to FAQs on their websites as a way to provide you with customer support? I don’t think that’s a great way to help people who are looking to talk to a human about their issue. What I really like about the customer support from InteracInvestor is that the department is open 24/7. So, you can contact them at any time of the day or night. Furthermore, you can call them or email them. If that does not work, you can even use the live chat feature. Yes, you can use this feature to get in touch with them almost instantly.

This level of customer support isn’t that frequent in the online world of trading. When you find a broker that offers you this level of attention, you surely don’t want to let it go just like that.

Traders’ Safety and Security

Rest assured that your information and money will be protected when you are on this platform. The company has taken many measures to ensure the safety of its traders no matter how new or old they are on the platform. First of all, you can’t sign up on the platform unless you agree to the terms and conditions that have been prepared in adherence to the KYC and AML policies. If the information on your ID card does not match the information on your banking details, you will not be able to sign up on the platform. Furthermore, your information get gets encrypted and is protected on secured and advanced servers.

You don’t get anything subpar on this platform when it comes to security. For example, you can’t sign into your trading account with just a weak password. You will have to choose a password and then enter a onetime code to land on your trading platform. The code is either emailed to you or sent to you through an SMS. In either way, you will have to go through that extra layer of security to access your account. Last but not least, the company makes sure to use only regulated banks to store the funds deposited by its traders.

Gives You Platform Per Your Lifestyle

I don’t mind online brokers offering you web-based trading platforms. I know they work on every device and have great speeds. However, there is just something special about the fact that your broker is willing to go the extra mile and offer you something more than the webtrader. Yes. You will have the web-based trading platform available to you when you sign up with InteracInvestor but that’s not where the story ends. You will also be able to use the MetaTrader 5 on your desktop computer. Furthermore, you also have the platform in the mobile application form available for you to download and install on your Android phones and iPhones.

Final Thoughts

So, what are those qualities that make you think that the platform you have chosen really cares about you? I know there are many things to look at but I have talked about the most important ones. I think the customer support department really gives it away for me when I have to identify a good broker from a bad one.


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