Is Tickmill Trading Good or Worse – An Overview


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Do you have trouble deciding which broker to use for trading? In this platform, the confusions come to an end. We share the basic information with you where you can easily understand what is tickmill and how it works?

Is Tickmill Trading Good or Worse - An Overview

Before I talk about the tickmill, let me explain what is tickmill. So let’s get started;

What Is Tickmill?

Tickmill is a company that provides services of forex trading. They provide traders with a huge range of instruments in different markets, including currencies and indexes. If you need an account on tickmill you should have 25$ at least.

There is a lot of information concerning tickmill, but we want to save your time, so we’ll share the experience of tickmill trading.

1. Apps And Platforms

Tickmill allows you the platform which is popular for MT4 forex trading. Trickmill provides traders with a device to trade and can easily download the programs for windows and Mac.

Tickmill also provides Android and iOS mobile apps that make it easy to keep track of and can also do transactions while on the go.

2. Trade Execution

Tickmill can easily allow you to trade as little as 0.01 Lot. It may totally change and depend on the account which you open. The total requirements of trading are varied according to the trader and the instrument.

You may assume incredibly tight gaps and more transparency over the price you’re paying to complete your transactions because Tickmill offers ECN and STP execution. However, tickmill provides low entry requirements, which can compare with ECN brokers. It helps to give benefits from a high number of transactions. Furthermore, they require basic trading requirements, and the market makers usually offer a minimum deposit with no trading commissions.

3. Customer Service

Tickmill can deal with many languages such as English, Russian, Indonesia, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. However, they provide email and phone service in three different languages with BrokerNotes double AA support.

Final Thoughts

Tickmill is controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority, where every new client should pass the abasic test to assure that you can understand the risks in trading. It’s important to remember that you won’t be allowed to trade until you pass clearance, which could take several days, depending on your circumstances.


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