Live Tennis Betting in India


Tennis is considered one of the best sports for profitable live betting. Hundreds of tournaments in different categories are held throughout the year. A lot of bettors are making good money in the live tennis betting markets. By the way, keep in mind, that on our portal you can always find good odds and a rich line for betting on live tennis. Today let’s find out a few things you should pay attention to for profitable bets.

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Experienced gamblers know the benefits of live tennis betting. Only two athletes will be on the court, so it is much easier to recognize which tennis player is in a good condition, taking into account both the physical and mental state of the player. That’s why, it’s a lot simpler to make bets in live mode, while watching a tennis channel live. Tennis competition schedules are intense and players have less time to recover. A game of tennis is played on different types of surfaces, so the winter break is minimal and tournaments are held almost all year round, so there are plenty of bets to be made.

Live Tennis Betting Tips

  • During tennis live betting, the bettor should be able to catch the moments, when the odds are at their peak. If you miss the moment, the profitable odds will disappear instantly. To avoid wasting time looking for the right entries, you should put one or two in the “Favorites”, and keep track of them.
  • The evaluation of physical condition plays a critical role in a live tennis match, as the status of athletes can be very different for several reasons: varying playing time in previous matches; an acclimatization process; involvement not only in singles, but also in doubles or mixed doubles; permanent micro-injuries.
  • Games between equal opponents are rarely ended with a draw: if a tennis player lost the first set, there is a high probability, that he will win the second one. Based on this fact, there is a strategy to bet 1:1 after the first set. A losing player should be in a good shape, it is very important for him to not give up mentally after losing the first set. Therefore, before betting on live tennis, always study the statistics and rate the condition of each athlete.
  • If you are completely confident about the losing player, you can bet on his final victory in the match after his loss in the first set. Live tennis betting odds on such an outcome will be quite high, at least 3.5. If he wins the second set, the opposite bet should be made on his opponent: because of the high odds of the first bet, the bettor will be in the plus, regardless of the match result.


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