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Tennis today is one of the most popular single sport disciplines in the world. Battles between the best athletes take place every season and are watched by millions of spectators.

Benefits of tennis betting

Tennis is a singles sport, with the exception of doubles. You can focus on just a few athletes to carefully analyze their form and potential.

Tournaments are usually held throughout the year. As players keep in shape, the most prestigious tournaments are organized regularly.

Only at the end of the year there is a pause, but it lasts several months and is accompanied by less important matches. Our bookmaker office offers the best tennis betting odds throughout the year.

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Disadvantages of tennis betting

Sometimes it is impossible to know the mental state of a player. The fact that the result depends on a single person is not always an advantage.

The weather has a significant impact on the course of the match. There can be a postponement of a match due to rain or strong winds. As soon as the game resumes, it starts from scratch.

Players with a strong serve have time to recover and regain an advantage on the serve.

General types of tennis betting

Game Score

Common and well-known bets are P1 or P2, as the rules do not allow a draw in tennis. Sometimes it takes several hours to determine the winner.
Total games or sets

Women’s tournaments have a maximum of three sets, and some men’s tournaments have up to five games. In addition to totals, bets on individual totals are offered.


If the difference in class between the opponents is significant, players prefer to bet with a plus or minus handicap.

Exact Score

In contrast to soccer and many other sports, guessing the exact score in tennis is much easier, especially if the event consists of a maximum of three games.

Pass Betting

They are popular at major tournaments – for example, at the Grand Slam stages. Bookmakers take bets on which player will advance to the next round of the competition.

Live tennis betting

Players very often prefer to bet in real time. That’s the beauty of tennis – there are several tennis matches going on at any given moment, and you always have something to bet on live.

Before a tennis match, the betting line is very balanced, and it’s hard to find good odds. Tennis is very dynamic, so the odds in the game are often more interesting to the bettor.

Other types of betting

Many bookmakers limit their tennis line to standard positions, but some bookmakers sometimes expand their tennis line considerably.

So, you can find bets on handicaps, totals and winner of the first set, second set and all others, winner of each singles game, tie-break in the match, break point and so on.

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