Small Business Opportunities Worth Checking Out


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Being your own boss may be a dream come true for a lot of people, however, it’s not nearly as unobtainable as some believe it to be. After all, about 97 percent of all Australian startups and small businesses have less than 20 employees, while a lot of them operate with a single-digit-sized staff. Nonetheless, making it as an entrepreneur takes a lot of self-sacrifice and effort, which is why you need to be 100 percent sure that you’re in the right industry. There are a lot of small business opportunities that you should definitely check out in 2019 and here are four that just might be the most interesting.

Small Business Opportunities Worth Checking Out


The first lucrative option worth your consideration in 2019 is starting your own e-commerce business. The reason behind this is the fact that it allows you to become a successful merchant with quite limited funds. You see, there are so many platforms for you to choose (like Amazon or eBay), which allow you to sell and buy items without having to make your own e-commerce website. Programs like FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) make this even more beginner-friendly. On the other hand, it would be for the best if you were to make your own e-commerce website and sell your items independently and free of any kind of third-party fee. However, there are options to use an e-commerce fulfillment service.

Moving business

Due to the fact that people move all the time (families, individuals, and businesses alike), there’s a great need for reliable and cheap removalist in Melbourne. Now, there’s already a demand and all that you have to do now is provide a supply. A word of caution, even though these people move, they usually don’t hire professional movers. Instead, they either do it all on their own or at least hire a moving truck. Therefore, you could look for trucks for sale online and list this as one of the services. Not to mention that diversifying your offer increases the resilience of your business.


Become an artist

Those who want to pursue a career or Backpage alternative in art have more options than they’ve ever had before. Why? Well, because they have a platform to sell their art directly to their customers. Photographers can find platforms where they can sell their photos directly. In fact, you don’t even need a professional camera for this, seeing as how some platforms like Agora, specialize in smartphone photo sales. If you want to become a writer, you can look for programs like KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) that allow you to instantly sell your stories online. Needless to say, there are many platforms that allow you a similar thing in the field of music as well. YouTube, in particular, can be a great way to breakthrough. Not everyone loves all types of music. Therefore, before designing a music logo for your company, do some research, and find your niche.

Tutoring online

People nowadays are willing to pay for anything, which means that any skill you have may provide you with a way to earn a fortune. Just think about it this way, as e-sports grow in popularity and prize pools for tournaments reach seven figures, there will be more and more people looking for someone to teach them how to become better at video games. Language skills are always in demand, which is why just by knowing a language, you already qualify to make money as an online tutor. Keep in mind, though, that you need to learn a thing or two about teaching methodology in order to really excel in this field. Last, but in no way least important, is the fact that online tutoring gives you all the privileges of being a freelancer and telecommuter.

In the end, it’s important to mention that the list of your options goes on and on and there’s really no limit to the industry which you can or should pursue a career in. Just take something that you’re passionate about as well as something that can provide you with a decent income (by your standards). After all, you’re not going to stay passionate about the idea for long if it keeps losing money and wasting your time and effort.


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