Solitude: 7 Fantastic Ways to Dedicate Time to Yourself


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There’s a reason Hollywood loves to produce films about independent women (such as Eat, Pray, Love, and Wild): they’re approachable, emotional, motivating, and unafraid to go it alone. But you don’t have to wait for a life-changing event to begin when there are lots of fantastic things you can do on your own.

Solitude - 7 Fantastic Ways To Dedicate Time To Yourself

Spending quality time with oneself, in other words, is excellent for your general well-being and leads to better life satisfaction. When you work alone, you may move at your own speed, think and reflect, learn new things about yourself, and boost your self-esteem.

With all of the interactions you may have in your life, it may appear hard to find time for yourself – but it is critical to do so. Here are seven activities that everyone should do alone at least once in their lives:

Being Alone Does Not Imply Being Lonely

Before delving into the many ways to discover happiness when being alone, it’s vital to distinguish between the two notions of being alone and being lonely. While there is some overlap, they are entirely separate ideas.

Being Alone

Maybe you’re the type of person who thrives on alone. You are not antisocial, unfriended, or unloved. You’re quite pleased with your alone time. You really look forward to it. That’s just being alone, not lonely.

On the other side, perhaps you’re surrounded by family and friends but are just communicating on a superficial level, leaving you feeling empty and alienated. Or maybe you should just leave while you’re alone.

Start A New Hobby


Life is short, and now is the time to pursue your passion, whether it’s knitting, photography, or gardening. Furthermore, having something exciting to look forward to will drive you to arrange more alone time for yourself in the future.

Perhaps it was something you did when you were a teenager. Perhaps it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but your partner despises. You don’t need anybody else, believe it or not! You can accomplish it on your own. It will never seem like a duty to spend your alone time doing something that makes you joyful.

Make Your Self-Care Basket

Whether you’re doing it for yourself or for someone you care about, we guarantee It will just take you a few hours to collect everything, which is ideal. This is when you devote time to yourself and allow yourself to be completely immersed in the activity!


Do you have no idea what to put in the basket? Concentrate on things that will assist you (or a loved one) take control of your mental health! Consider favorite foods, calming tea, fragrant candles, relaxing skin care such as a wonderful soothing lotion, AllTimeCare products, a book, a diary, or even a new agenda. Try to fully customize the basket with what you require, which may be very distinct from everything we’ve just listed.

Take A Break From Social Media

Social media isn’t inherently awful or troublesome, but if reading through your accounts makes you feel isolated and worried, you should take a step back. That stream only tells part of the tale. Certainly not by a long stretch.

Take A Break From Social Media

You have no notion if those individuals are happy or if they are simply pretending to be. In any case, it has nothing to do with you. So, take a big breath and put it all in context.

Run a test run by removing yourself from social media for 48 hours. If it helps, consider setting a daily time restriction of 10 to 15 minutes and sticking to it.

Take A Phone Call

Is there a recurring theme here? Without a question, cell phones and social media have altered the idea of being alone.

Take A Phone Call

Is anyone truly alone these days, when they can pick up their phone and text or contact almost anyone? Or find out what that high school acquaintance is up to without ever speaking to them?

Turn off your phone and put it away for one hour the next time you’re alone. Use this time to reconnect with yourself and discover what it’s like to be completely alone.

Don’t know what to do with your free time? Grab a pen and a paper, and list down activities you might like doing the next time you’re alone.

Begin Working On A Home Renovation Project

The rush you’ll experience when you walk by that repurposed piece of furniture, freshly painted room, or refurbished outdoor patio and realize you did it all yourself will be well worth it – you’ll be ready to face whatever comes next.

Home Renovation Project

Find and reuse old pieces such as boxes from a wooden box supplier, or empty wine bottles and remodel them for home decor. If you don’t like it, you can at least check it off your list and go on.

Make Planning For Solitary Excursions

Make a list of intriguing things to do and schedule them. Make something for yourself to look forward to. After all, half the joy is in the anticipation. Seeing it on your calendar may also encourage you to follow through.


Stay at a bed and breakfast in a local town. Participate at a local festival or farmers’ market. Purchase a ticket to a concert or that incredible art exhibit that everyone is raving about. Make a plan for something you’re genuinely interested in, and then follow through on it.


We all know that our objectives don’t always match up with our schedules and priorities! If you’re wondering, “Yeah, this is fantastic, but how am I going to accomplish it?” “, then consider the suggestions above.


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