How To Build your Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2020


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Maximizing Social Media Effectiveness

With any sort of marketing there’s a moving target, and any marksman will tell you that to hit a moving target requires “leading” it. That is, you have to aim where the target will be, rather than where it is. Now that’s a lot easier to conceive than achieve when it comes to reaching target demographics. On a shooting range, the clay pigeon flies, and so do the shotgun shells.

How To Build your Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2020

When it comes to marketing, the “pigeon”—your target Return On Investment (ROI)—takes a year to describe an arc across the sky of your target demographic. Well, ostensibly. It could be less or more time, depending on your specific industry. Here’s the point: the target you’re aiming for is not only moving, it’s hard to see.

Marketing targets are something that’s a bit oblique, obscure, and hard to see. You’ve got to use data to paint a picture. It’s rather like taking charcoal across a piece of paper to see the impression left by a pen when there was previously another piece of paper atop the stack.

Data is the charcoal revealing the arc of your target. This will be the case in any year. In 2020 specifically, there are additional considerations. In this writing we’ll briefly explore a few tactics that will generally assist you in your year-to-year online social media marketing strategy, with an emphasis that specifically considers trends becoming prominent in 2020.

1. Co-Opt The Advice Of Cutting-Edge Marketing Groups

When you’ve got good advice, you’ll have better success in your endeavors than when you simply “fire from the hip”, as the saying goes. Consultation from marketing groups is key in helping you determine your best moves, and those which won’t work.
Entire companies are built upon providing businesses such intel. As an example, look at this post that website The Boost Apps wrote about social media content strategy.

2. Follow The Trends

Trends don’t mature in a way that’s directly linear, as you may expect. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Oftentimes something isn’t “big” until it’s been around for a few years; and it suddenly becomes popular in an almost exponential way.

This is certainly the case with TikTok, a social media app that hit the market from China about four years ago, and is only now becoming a prominent social media staple in 2020. You’ve got to find ways of incorporating TikTok into your social media outreach profile.

This won’t be the last time you are well-advised to incorporate the options available through a new social media app. Provided modern society continues moving forward, new apps like these will hit every couple years. Some work better than others, consultation helps you know which are best.

3. Colloquial Social Media Engagement

Here’s something that’s not likely to get you any “brownie points” on sites like Facebook: ads, videos, and articles that are purely promotional, or read like copy. That’s going to prompt people to simply scroll past and continue with their business. Even when world panics transpire, joke memes predominate.

People are making comedic memes almost continuously. Those are getting shared in a viral sense. Now, this may not be a marketing avenue for your business, but here’s what is: co-opting the sentiments of your demographic. What do the clients you serve find interesting online?

Use data to determine trends pertaining to their regular usage, and co-opt that data into the creation of content they’ll naturally share. A meme can be totally unrelated to your business, but simply have a link to your social media page below, where more similar memes are mixed in with direct advertisement.

The key is harvesting a fraction of viewers to your business. Also, you can write posts which include links to your products or services, even though the preponderance of the post isn’t business related.

4. Take help from expert social media marketing agencies

If you feel that you would need to spend too much time, energy and direct effort in doing social media yourself, you always have an alternative. There are several reputed and credible social media companies Dubai which can offer expert and specialised social media solutions according to the needs and requirements of your business.

This will not only help you save time to concentrate on other aspects of your business, but also lead to better efficiency and performance returns. Creating content strategies, photo and video assets, using data tools, and running paid campaigns on social media is not an easy task.

If you have experts running your social media show, you can be rest assured of getting high returns on your investments. Else, you will just be able to maintain a presence, and not enjoy any of the benefits, which comes with an aggressive approach.

Maximizing Social Media Marketing Effectiveness In 2020

Be more colloquial than official in social media outreach on platforms like Facebook and TikTok for organic interaction. Be sure you follow existing trends, and co-opt the advice of agencies who specialize in retaining cutting-edge relevance in terms of outreach strategy. Humor sells, and data can help you determine your best method of approach.


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