The Benefits of Pursuing an MBA over M.Com


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The Benefits of Pursuing an MBA over an M.Com are discussed ahead which will help the graduates know if they are on the right track or not and what concepts they need to focus on. Are you the one who has completed graduation in commerce streams that is BBA and B.Com and are worried about what to do next? Well, after pursuing graduation the most common question that strikes the mind of the students is which stream to choose MBA or MCOM. Both are good but if you are considering a successful professional career then MBA would be one of the best options that you can grab. There are a lot of reasons why one should choose an MBA over an M.Com and the major aspects are discussed below.

1. What is M.Com?

M.Com is a master’s degree which is of two years. It is in the field of commerce and is an extension course after completion of B.Com. The course focuses on subjects like mathematics, accounting, statistics, finance and even computer applications. A lot of students who have completed their BCom degree pursue MCom. Pursuing MCom from noted colleges or universities is really important in order to get the desired salary package. Radiant Institute of Management and Science doing the same work for the past so many years. It provides top-class education and placement to all the students who have received their MCom or MBA degree from their institute. It is a top M Com college in Indore and it all happens due to its quality education and top-notch faculty.

2. What is an MBA?

MBA is also a two-year course which qualifies one to work in various managerial positions. MBA is one of the courses which is in demand and it is the best option if you want to have in-depth knowledge of how business can work. Many students search for top MBA colleges in Indore so that they can get the degree of MBA to give a new height to their career.

3. Nature of Job in MBA

The MBA jobs are both a mix of fieldwork and deskwork. The degree helps the students to get high-level jobs and there are additional responsibilities and roles that one needs to fulfil with the job. There will be a time when you interact with clients and help them get services and products in which they have an interest. Moreover, analysis and research is an important part of getting the work done with management and presentation skills.

4. Specialisations

Radiant Institute, being the famous commerce college in MP provides full-time MBA degree to all the eligible candidates. The MBA program has a wide range of specialisations that include marketing, business analytics, operations and a lot more. If you have pursued B.Com and are thinking of doing MBA then you can choose various fields of your interests which have more career possibilities and competencies. An MBA professional degree helps to get an understanding of actual business and how one can get hands-on experience for being a corporate leader.

5. Developing holistic personality

MBA helps to establish managerial skills as well as to be a part of a professional and in-demand business sector. Managers can easily show how they can handle duties and become leaders efficiently. Moreover, knowledge is imparted in the best way in the MBA course so that it is advantageous not only for the curriculum but also to develop a professional personality which is useful throughout life. Moreover, managing teams and projects is the need of the hour.

6. Guaranteed Growth

Today if you want to get a job you do not only need theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge of a lot of important aspects. So, through MBA you are going to be able to learn a lot of these important approaches and experiential learning is the foundation which helps you to have a flourishing career. Internships, live projects and the case studies which are imparted in the MBA degree help to know about the business world in a much better way through the experience.

7. Job opportunities

After doing MBA from RIMS which is known as the best management college in Indore, multiple career opportunities wait outside. After enrolling in an MBA program the most important thing that the students consider is the job opportunities. The various job opportunities that one can grab after completing the MBA degree are:

  • HRM
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Accounting and finance
  • Information and Technology

Some of the career options include marketing manager, entrepreneur, product manager and investment banker. There are a lot of professional roles and these recall the reputation of the company in the market. Moreover, MBA is one of the best platforms if you want to enter the entrepreneurship world and prepare yourself for your own business.

The salary packages after pursuing MBA are significantly high. For a marketing manager, the average salary is 5.5 LPA, for a regional sales manager the salary is 3.6 LPA and for an operation manager, the average salary is 5.1 LPA.


MBA is more valuable when it comes to having a professional career. MBA opens doors to a number of career opportunities. MCom has international value and one can get a job overseas as well. Various commerce colleges can help you get access to the course. One can pursue MCom with distance learning and pursue MBA as well. Some of the best specialisations of an MBA are computer and information systems, human resources management, marketing management and a lot more. The best degree if you want to pursue MBA from top MBA colleges in Indore is business major. Undergraduate degrees with accounting, marketing, and human resources are best. MCom from RIMS is also one of the courses which are in demand and there are various job opportunities in personal finance, accounting and investments as well.


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