The Progress of Smart Bands Compared with the Previous Generation


The smart band technology is undergoing innovation and change. The innovation represents the progress of the smart wear industry. Compared with previous generation, what progresses of band 5 specs have made?

Compared with the 4-generation setting interface, there is an additional dial market at the top. We can replace the dial from the mobile phone end. We can switch the downloaded dial on the band. A single dial is about 200k.

The Progress of Smart Bands Compared with the Previous Generation

In addition to the blood oxygen detection, all the first-level menus have been re-created with icons. The original 4th generation line style matches with the built-in dial style.

After the replacement of the 5th generation open dial, the style can go with everything. Together with other animation IP, the theme dial, couple dial and other styles have been created. The smart band 5 has changed all the icons in the first-level menu. The band changes them into the style of imitation. It is creative and innovative.

The icon of the 5th generation of smart band is well designed. The new style looks comfortable.

Blood oxygen is an additional first-level menu. In the 5th generation band, heart rate can be measured separately. Blood oxygen measurement will be measured with heart rate.

The second-level menu of the band movement data and swimming interface continue the familiar style of 4-generation.

In the new dial market, the interface has become more beautiful. A new dial logic has been designed. The weather, power usage, Do Not Disturb mode and Bluetooth are put into the secondary interface.

In the 4th generation, clicking on the dial in the dial interface will not respond. In the 5th generation, clicking on the dial will call out the interface.

The heart rate meter of Band 5 intelligent band is photoelectric. When turning it over, we can find that the heart rate light of Band 5 is different from Generation 4.

The 5th generation is not the same program as the 4th generation. The hardware of the screen and sensor is different. Blood oxygen can only be measured manually at present. Turning on the full-day dynamic heart rate will not activate the full-day blood oxygen at the same time.

In terms of endurance, dynamic heart rate and normal sleeping time are monitored all day long. After swimming for one swim, there is not much power failure.

The smart band 5 inherits the advantages of the smart band 4. It makes up for some deficiencies of the previous generation’s relative competitors. The newly added blood oxygen function is practical. The way to measure blood oxygen is simple. Click on it in the band function option to start the measurement. Keep still, and wear the band correctly with the screen facing up. According to the characteristics of oxygen-containing hemoglobin, signal extraction is carried out. Pulse oxygen saturation data results are obtained through algorithm.

Compared with other brands, smart bands have great advantages in sleep monitoring accuracy. These have become the competitiveness of smart band 5. It pays more attention to the health of users.


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