The Role of Rub Tester to Assess Ink Quality


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Many people may not be aware of the rub tester but it is one of the efficient solutions used in different industries. The trending Sutherland rub tester has got ample advantages. The rub tester gauges the abrasion degree or maybe the scuff that packages the shipping, handling, and even the storage that it can create. Usually, the labels are applied to the products of medicines or other pharmaceutical options. For such products rub testing is important for lasting effect.

The Role of Rub Tester to Assess Ink Quality

How the overall process works:

The sutherland rub tester is one efficient process that has set the industrial standard to another level. It is known for testing the resistance of abrasion and which is why it has been in use for quite some time now. To test the labels, it is the rub test machine such as this test which is placed on the one label side in the machine while the other label is being attached to the weight. Such label is then rubbed off well at a better speed to a better period. Post this the tester or the shipper can then check the label for assessing the resistance of the abrasion.

The sutherland rub tester can also be used for textiles and fabrics. In this situation, the rub test shall show whether the garment or the fabric is certain enough to hold the color in the abrasion face or wear. This type of test is important for garments or textiles. The fastness of an agreement to rub shall understand how well can the fabric get a stain in less time. In such a situation, the fabric can be used using the dry way or the wet way.

For conducting the stain test and even the color of the fabric, the fabric piece would be needed along with the test cloth. White is the most preferred color for test clothing. The test cloth is usually put on the grated side of the rub tester. The fabric which is a colored one is rubbed off quickly against the test cloth for know-how simply can the color comes off.

With the right rub test process, there has been much clarity to the experts on taking the right action. Besides, as the time has gone, there has been quite a good experience in testing the rub for print and testing the textile color as well. There is no doubt that there are other ways for determining the hold of the ink but when it comes to the Sutherland rub tester process, it is the most efficient choice one can make for conducting such a test and understanding the print of the ink or color quality.


Sutherland rub tester is also popular by the name of functional rub and is used for embracing its many other uses. Indeed, such a tester is well accepted in different tests processes that are outlined and can fail if it gets exposed to any pastes or foreign liquids. That is why extra precautions need to be taken while conducting such a test.


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