What Condo Amenities Do Today’s Buyers Desire Most?


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Do you wish to invest your money in real estate? Or are you merely looking for great homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale? But you need to first seek out the location, the cost, the developer’s reputation, etc. And these form only the basic parameters of house hunting. Another question that you really need to ask, the one that can make or break a deal is what kind of amenities will you have access to?

What Condo Amenities Do Todays Buyers Desire Most

The top-notch facilities that can provide you the luxury that speaks your personality and the comfort that you desire are what sets the homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale a class apart. If the condo that you are looking for follows a certain theme or inspiration, the real estate developers and designers go all out to offer convenient amenities that also add to the market value. So when you set out on a condo hunt, keep in mind the top amenities that other buyers usually desire.

Swimming pools and spacious outdoors

There is something so mesmerizing about the waters that draw everyone in. This is one such amenity that buyers immediately look for. These pools come in various forms from the standard sized rectangular to pools that are thirty stories high! Additionally, the spacious areas let you relax, enjoy a barbeque, and engage in many other fun family activities. Buyers are not willing to compromise on outdoor amenities, especially if the condos are in desirable locations.

Extra storage space

When deciding to buy or rent a condo, buyers mostly look for extra storage space. In Fact, studies have shown that storage space is topped as number 4 amongst the most desired amenities in condominiums. If you have been hunting for homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale, especially condos, you will encounter that most condos offer storage lockers. These extra spaces let you lock away off-season gears like bikes, golf clubs, or other things that you don’t need often. Especially when such storage spaces are attached to the building, it guarantees safety and privacy.

Greenery and shared gardens

When it comes to a condo, buyers are quite aware of the limited spaces. In other words, with a condo, you might not have a huge private back yard as such. Developers, therefore, are trying to bridge this gap by allocating common and shared spaces for gardens and greenery. Buyers who look for smaller developments or smaller condos have access to pocket gardens and green walls. If you are wondering what green walls are, these are a vertical garden and are attached to a building’s interior or exterior. It additionally gives a great look as compared to the monotonous cement walls and wood fences.

Pet-friendly environment

Who does not love their pet! For condo buyers who are also pet owners, what makes or breaks the deal is a pet-friendly environment. This is the most important priority when pet owners look for a condominium amenity. Open-door policies towards pets and especially large dogs, increase the occupancy rate and make it a huge decisive factor for residents. Residents are also given certain benefits that help them take care of their pets, thereby keeping them safe from any dangers in the condo.

Play area for children

If you happen to look for a condo on the small side, you might have restricted space. This means that your children might not have enough space to run around and play. In such cases, buyers with families mostly opt for condos with a children’s play area. It is important to have enough space to help children run around, play, and burn off the excess energy. Play areas also encourage them to interact with other resident children, and they learn to communicate better, develop teamwork, and understand the importance of sharing.

Library or a reading area

Reading is a great form of retreat for some, while for some, it is their space and zone. Reading nooks and libraries are now a hot trend in condos, especially in ones designed for families with children. This is another great facility that many buyers look for while purchasing a condo. Reading areas not only enable children to read but also pose as study areas with no or minimum distractions.


Eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency are also what buyers desire the most, among other amenities. Energy-saving home appliances are the new norm along with individual garden plots, the history of the building, and the materials used in the making.

As a buyer, it is highly valuable to think about which amenities are must-have based on your needs. This article acts as a guide to help you start with your search. Use this checklist of the most desired amenities, especially when you are hunting homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale and find the best condos available.


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