Windows and Exterior Doors Frames and Locks for More Security


Windows and exterior doors keep intruders on the other side of the home, ensuring your loved ones and property are safe. They, therefore, need to be sturdy and durable to prevent burglars from breaking in. The security of the door is determined by the door and window material and locking system.

Windows and Exterior Doors Frames and Locks for More Security

Doors and windows made from wood, vinyl, and fiberglass are hard to break into. To add to security, homeowners install modern locking systems and choose those that are opened with biometrics. Others require a unique code that an intruder cannot guess. Here are more tips to keep your exterior doors Oakville security proof.

Tips For Adding Extra Security To The Home

● Buy vinyl windows and exterior doors with a multi-point locking system. It is the safest because it is of the highest quality and offers the most security to homeowners.

● Buy doors that are commercially rated and which are more robust frames than those of residential doors. These are hard to break into, and no object can be used to tear the door apart.

● Windows without multi-point locking systems can be replaced. Alternatively, the homeowner can install extra locks in different parts of the door or window to add more security. This way, if the burglar reaches one lock, they cannot know where the second and the third are located.

● Ensure your exterior doors Oakville and windows’ hinges are installed in a hidden place. If you leave them exposed, they can easily be removed and the door or window was broken into. Also, buy doors with hinges that have a removable hinge pin.

● When choosing exterior doors, do not buy those with windows. This makes it easier for an intruder to break into. It happens mainly if the window is within an arm’s reach because they can open the lock effortlessly.

● Shrubs around the doors and windows are beautiful until you realize they can be hiding places for burglars. Avoid them at all costs. Intruders can hide in the small bushes and break into the house when the entire family is out.

● Ensure you buy window and door frames from sturdy materials. Getting weak ones will make work easier for the intruders. Also, inspect your frames to ensure they are in the proper condition. Living with rotten and dented frames increases your house’s vulnerability.

● If you are buying glass doors and windows, go for reinforced glass. It is more robust and less likely to break. Also, choose a glass that is not transparent for privacy. When buying, choose the double or glass pane because it is hard to break into.

● Choose a window and exterior doors in Oakville style that matches your home. As you look at the security, consider the type. A traditional window in a modern home reduces its aesthetics and home’s value. When buying, also choose a sturdy material but one that also matches your home’s architectural design.


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