3 Things You Can Learn to Do Online


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The internet gives us a platform for unlimited possibility and opportunity. From hilarious pictures of cats to a convenient way to do our banking and shopping, we’ve integrated the internet into almost everything we do, including education. There are so many great resources for learning a new skill or acquiring new knowledge on the internet these days that it can be almost overwhelming. Here’s a pick of a few of the things you can learn to do online.

3 Things You Can Learn to Do Online

Speak Another Language

When it comes to learning to speak another language, we’re almost spoiled for choice these days. You’ve no doubt seen ads for mobile-friendly apps like Duolingo and their iconic owl mascot that have taken the difficult task of learning a new language and turned it into a game-like experience with rewards and levels for you to tackle and overcome in your pursuit of being able to speak a new language. There are more traditional ways of tutelage for these language courses too, delivered via online video chat in a one on one or group environment.

Learn to Drive

Learning to drive online might sound a bit counterintuitive at first, but when you think about it, a large part of what you learn when you do set out to get a driving licence is theoretical, like the road rules, signs and even the controls of a car. It actually makes perfect sense to use the internet as your lesson delivery medium before you actually take to the streets for more practical driving lessons. The idea of an online driving school makes perfect sense, and it’s picking up quickly in popularity.

Computer Coding

It’s becoming apparent to many of us that being able to write computer code, even in its basic form, is becoming more and more important to a large number of careers that it wouldn’t have before. Those in finance, for example, could use coding within spreadsheet apps to automate and add logic to otherwise simple spreadsheets. Thankfully there are a great many ways that you can learn to code online, from the more comprehensive CS50 online course offered by Harvard’s EdX, to self-study resources like Code Academy, and most of these resources are free or come at a very small cost.

Basically Anything

The three examples above could be anything really. There are online repositories of incredibly detailed and well written and presented courses on just about anything you could possibly want to learn. Some are delivered via video or audio and others by interactive written lessons. You can even book time with a teacher who will instruct you in a video call. If you’re looking to pick up a new skill or learn something new, the internet has endless resources for you.

Because we’re always connected, we’re consuming more media, news and information than we ever have in history and using this constant flow of information to include something educational is one of the best things you can do for yourself – both in a personal and professional sense – so why wait? Learn something new today!


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