5 Best SEO Practices To Follow in Sydney


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Sydney has the highest population among all the major cities in Australia. Found in the east coast of the country, the state capital of New South Wales has an estimated population of 5.3 million, comprising about 65% of the entire state’s population. It is also recognized as one of the Alpha+ World City based on the classification under the globalization and World Cities Research Network, which means it has a major impact on the global economic network in the region and other parts of the world. For this reason, businesses continue to flourish in the city.

5 Best SEO Practices To Follow in Sydney

As of 2019, 71,843 local businesses are operating in the city according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Because of the number of businesses in the city, it can be challenging to stand out against the local market competition. It prompts more companies to rely on the Best SEO practices in Sydney to get a chance to have better brand recognition online. With the Best SEO in Sydney, they will attract more customers without the need to invest in expensive marketing practices.

To make SEO work for businesses in Sydney, especially small businesses and startups, here are some of the most compelling techniques that can help drive organic traffic to their websites today.

Boost Overall User Experience

Google, one of the top search engines worldwide, recognized the importance of providing the best user experience (UX) each time they visit a particular website. Because of this, they announced an update in May 2020 called the Core Web Vitals metrics that web developers could use to measure the site’s UX.

According to reports, Google will use real-world experience metrics to analyses the UX of the website. It will provide answers to essential information like the site’s loading and interaction speed and the stability of the website. It will reportedly become a crucial factor in determining the search engine rankings when a major algorithm update rolls out in 2021. While businesses still have time to prepare for the update, their web developers must begin fixing the site’s bounce rate and simplifying content posts as early as now.

Invest In Voice Search Optimization

The popularity of owning smart speakers continues to increase all over the world. Because of this, agencies that offer Best SEO in Sydney must work with their clients to take advantage of this opportunity and include voice search as one of the major factors in their SEO strategy.

By using voice search, users will be able to post more specific questions on search engines. It can also help them conduct a localized search about products or services that they are looking for. Because of this, the companies and their SEO specialists need to utilize long-tail keywords for more specific voice search results.

Improve Mobile Experience

Researchers discovered that almost half of all online purchases happen on transactions done using mobile devices. According to a report, as much as 79% of all smartphone users purchased an item or hired services using their mobile device during the past six months.

Because of this, Google announced in March 2020 that it would utilize mobile smartphone agents to crawl websites. So to ensure that their site will get indexed and rank higher on the search engine, companies must work with their SEO specialists and web developers to make their site more mobile-friendly.

Use More Topic Clusters Instead Of Focusing On Keywords

Due to the recent algorithm changes, Google started to put more importance on understanding the intention of its users when posting a query on the search bar. Currently, the search engine places a direct answer on top of the rankings.

But remember, making keyword-focused content is not enough to make websites rank. The right SEO methods to make it happen include learning more about the site’s target audience. They also need to create a topic cluster model by connecting significant content posts into groups or clusters. By doing this, the search engine will have a better understanding of the user intent and allow the cluster pages to rank faster.

Write Longer Content

Another study revealed that websites posting longer content could generate more backlinks. As a result, it will translate into better rankings on the search engines. If the site ranks higher, it will help the site attract more organic traffic.

Most of the time, a 2,000-word content can provide the complete information users look for when searching online. But some sites may require shorter but direct-to-the-point posts if they want basic answers to their queries. That is the reason why it is a must to consider the user content when coming up with the Best SEO strategies in Sydney for businesses.

These are just a few of the most effective SEO tricks that all businesses in Sydney must follow to thrive in the city. Since SEO evolves rapidly, they need to work with professionals who can help them conceptualize their schemes to boost their reputation and brand awareness online. By making sure that their SEO game is strong, the companies will have a better chance of surviving in the tough Sydney market.


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