5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Bodybuilding Clothing


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Finding the right type of bodybuilding clothing is important to feel confident. You have built a good physique by performing strenuous exercises. Now it’s time to show your fitness to the world. Here we have shared tips to find the right clothing for bodybuilders.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Bodybuilding Clothing

Choose Neutral Colors

Just because you have strong muscles to show does not mean you choose flashy colors. The body structure makes a powerful style statement for you. Going with neutral colors is a safe option. You don’t have to limit yourself to black and white. There are several unsaturated colors to choose from.

You can wear a combination of a dusky blue shirt and dark jeans to create a sophisticated look. Or you can wear a white shirt with any business casual. You will be surprised by the number of neutral color combinations available in bodybuilding clothing. You will never feel the need to go for flashy colors.

Perfect Fit

Since you are a muscular guy, you might think bigger sizes would be a great option. If you are thinking on similar lines, you are making a big mistake. When you wear loose clothes, also known as baggy style, your muscles or body structure are not highlighted. You miss the opportunity to show your hard work to the people around and feel proud of it.

Select something that fits nice and snugs well. Don’t select tight clothes, or you will look like something that is about to explode. The golden rule to follow in sizing is the clothes should be neither small nor big.

Minimal Layers

Multiple layers in clothing are perfect for winter. You should avoid selecting clothes with multiple layers of fabric as it makes you look bulky. Layered clothing doesn’t look good on muscular men. Avoid numerous layers and go for thin layer clothing instead.

Don’t Forget Tailoring

Most of the time, finding a perfect fit for your muscular body seems impossible. Hence, it would help if you kept the tailoring option open. A lot of muscular men wear tailored clothes to look best.

One of the advantages of wearing tailored clothes is they are customized to your body structure and proportions. It amplifies your style in many ways and creates a good social impression.

Wear Stripes

Printed shirts are a right choice for bodybuilders. For a change, you can try some stripes as well. One of the advantages of wearing stripes is it tricks the eye and makes you look wider or longer than you are. If you want to create an illusion of height, wear vertical lines.

Don’t Consider Skinny Options

It would help if you did not consider any skinny clothing styles in the market. It goes against your body structure and does not compliment your personality in any way. The best idea is to skip clothes of skinny style.

Give Importance to Shoulders

Pay attention to shoulder fitting. They are an essential part of upper clothing, be it shirts or tees.

When you wear the right bodybuilding apparel, you will attract attention as you look and feel great while wearing them. It only makes sense to wear the proper clothing after you have worked so hard to achieve fitness and body structure the world envies.


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