Is It Time to Spice Up Your Sex Life?


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At the beginning of your relationship, you and your partner might have struggled to keep your hands off of each other, but as time moves on, sex can become less frequent and perhaps even less exciting. This can be frustrating for both you and your partner, but it can sometimes feel like a difficult topic to address. Sometimes the cause behind this situation in your life where you lose sexual intimacy with your partner is loyalty. If your better half do not trust your loyalty towards him or her then it is the high time to retain it by putting efforts like to shop for a chastity belt and others. If you think the sex is lacking in your relationship but aren’t sure how to mention this to your partner, here are some suggestions on how to engage in this conversation and also some tips on how you could spice up your sex life.

How to Talk to Your Partner About Sex

Try to avoid placing blame or using negative language that might come across as you criticizing them. While it is important to express that some of your sexual needs aren’t being met so that you can find a solution to this, you should also ask them if there is anything they would like you to try to help meet their needs. You should also be mindful of what else could be going on in the relationship or general life that might be impacting your intimacy with each other, as this could be what is affecting your sex life.

Try to create a calm, safe environment for this discussion. For example, always do this in private, and let them know you want to talk about this before the conversation so that they don’t feel blindsided. Perhaps cook a meal together and discuss it over dinner to help you both feel more relaxed.

How Can You Spice Up Your Sex Life?

There are many things you can try to make your sex life more interesting and get those fires burning bright again. While trying new things can be a lot of fun, it’s also important to make sure that you are both comfortable and respect each other’s boundaries. Some ways you can spice things up are as follows:

• Sex Toys

Toys are a great way to change things up in the bedroom and improve your stimulation. You can even get toys that are designed for couples to use together for an exciting sexual encounter. If you haven’t used toys before, try something like a bullet vibrator, as this can help to ease you into them. You can find a range of quality sex toys at

• Role Play

Another option you could explore is roleplaying. This is an excellent way to indulge in each other’s fantasies, and it can also help you to get out of your head as pretending to be someone else can loosen your inhibitions. Discuss each other’s fantasies together and make plans to roleplay these in the coming months.

• Aim to Be Spontaneous

Sometimes sex can get boring because it has become a bit predictable. Spontaneous passion can help people to feel desired and excited because it’s so unexpected, so try to start introducing more of this into not just your sex life but your relationship overall. Plan a last-minute weekend getaway together, or decide to go on a date night at the drop of a hat. When your partner is doing the dishes, put your arms around them and start kissing the back of their neck to see if they’re in the mood.

There are many other things you can try to spice up your sex life, but these are all good places to start. Just remember that while your needs are important and shouldn’t be pushed aside, you still need to be respectful of your partner when discussing your sex life and what they are comfortable with.


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