7 Amazing Brain Activities for Students for Their Overall Performance


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The brain is the chief commander of our body. It commands every task that we ought to do during the day. Hence, taking care of our brains is crucial for all of us. Students and people who want to get the most out of their day. Students have to go through a hectic schedule, whether it be exams or other activities. They are prone to losing their tolerance for long sitting hours. They usually become exhausted during academic writing and start looking for dissertation help UK.

7 Amazing Brain Activities for Students for Their Overall Performance

It is not the body that gets tired. It is the brain that needs a boost. It is a common fact that going for a stroll helps energise the brain again. If a bit of movement in the body can improve the functionality of the mind, then what is wrong with performing certain brain activities during the study? It could be a physical movement or a mental exercise. Both are beneficial for students. Here is how:

Activities to Add to Daily Life for Better Brain Function


The main functionality of the body is to move. Our ancestors would move from one place to another in search of food. Even today, it is noticeable that people who do physical activities are the healthier ones. It is also responsible for the smooth functioning of the brain. Some psychologists, including Jordan B. Peterson, Brant Cortright, and John Medina, have talked about the positive effects of cardio exercises on cognitive performance. If students make such exercises part of their daily routine, they can get immense benefits.

Learning New Skills

Introducing your mind to something new helps it build new neurons. Learning a new language, playing musical instruments, or developing a new hobby presents challenges to the mind. As a result, overall performance increases. It may sound easy, but it requires a lot of patience and a commitment to instilling new patterns in the brain. Students can start slowly and then be fully involved in this activity.

Playing Games

Many indoor games can improve brain function. Sudoku, chess, crossword puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles are games that require logic. These activities can improve memory and concentration. Several studies point to the benefits of such games.


Sudoku compels the player to think critically. The most interesting thing is to keep the numbers in mind throughout the game. The thinking process should go along with concentration and the numbers that can get conflicted in the same box.


Card games are the better choice for social engagement. Students can spend their leisure hours with their family and friends playing cards. It helps to relieve the extra burden from the mind. Students can talk about assignments, writing, and exams during the game.


Chess is one of the most popular games worldwide. If students start playing this game regularly, they can reap the benefits of the flow state. In this state, the mind gets involved in the task. It can be helpful for students to develop this skill. By doing this, they can improve their creativity, and concentration, and learn to construct plans.

Reduce Screen Timing

Today a major portion of the day is dominated by smartphones. It has become an indispensable part of life. Most of the students start their day with it and end it with it. It may be risky for their mental health. According to some research, it can be responsible for ceasing brain growth. If students reduce their screen time, it can be beneficial for them in many ways. They can utilise their time studying and preparing assignments and essays to get outstanding grades.

Apps for Brain Training

There are so many apps available on the play store that have been designed to boost brain functionality. Lumosity is a kind of app that works with memory, attention span, problem-solving, and flexibility.

There is one more brain training app named Peak. It is also a very popular application. This app specialises in improving memory, focus, and problem-solving skills. In this app, they provide a coach who will guide the trainee through an intense brain workout.

Reading Books

Reading is the most crucial factor when it comes to increasing brain power. One can improve concentration and memory by reading daily. It may help facilitate the connectivity of information in the brain. Reading regularly, one can acquire a large amount of knowledge and, at the same time, boost cognitive performance. Studies show that reading can help relieve stress and anxiety. There is a common misconception among students that all books are boring. It is not true. They can read fictional novels and short stories as well. It is all about getting involved in reading. One can pick up any book they are interested.


It is the only exercise that doesn’t require any effort at all. There is no need for any skill or mastery to do this. In visualization, one can enjoy the experience of being in the places they desire to go without even making a physical move. Visualization and movement are both connected internally. Imagining being involved in dance or any sports activity helps to activate the motor cortex in the brain. In psychological terms, this involves planning, executing, and controlling the movements. Students can practice this exercise to visualise the consequences of bad grades and can take steps for improvement. Regular practice may lead to better brain function.


Maintaining a healthy brain is the utmost goal of people who know its power. As the saying goes, take care of the brain and it will take care of the rest. The seven highly effective brain activities for students, mentioned above, are crucial. There are countless benefits if the brain works efficiently. But these were the most practical benefits students could have. They have to go through hectic schedules such as assignments, essays, and dissertations along with the main examinations. A healthy brain is what they need for that.


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