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Creating a video needs time and space, and so does editing a video. Why install so much software on your computer? Have you ever wanted a screen recorder and a video editor at the same time? Making and editing videos can be combined if you have the right software.

In this post, we will introduce a free screen recorder with a built-in video editor to simplify your tasks. It can help you record HD videos and easily edit videos within minutes. If you are a Mac user and want to record lectures, here is a blog post for you: How to Screen Record on Mac and Make Your Tutorials the Best.

Now let’s dive right in.

iTop Screen Recorder – A Free Screen Recorder With a Built-in Video Editor

A lightweight video recorder is built into the free and simple-to-use screen recorder called iTop Screen Recorder. It’s a free screen recorder for PC. Clients may easily screen capture, record, and edit recordings.

Let’s quickly go through what you can achieve with this screen recorder.

Catch webcam, sound, and video all at once

Record excellent records (4K upheld) while paying attention to the sound from your speaker and receiver from a whole screen, a window, or any other specified location. If you choose, record a webcam overlay on your recordings.

Record a game in HD at full size

The game recording programs supported by iTop Screen Recorder include Minecraft, Milestones by Player Unknown, Roblox, World of Warcraft, and Class of Legends. Without dropping any casings, you may record top-notch game recordings with up to 60 edges per second.

Making videos with a webcam

The comprehensive screen recorder captures both webcam and PC screen images. With iTop Screen Recorder, you may without a doubt record your face and microphone. As a result, filming instructional activities, video illustrations, games, answer recordings, and PowerPoint presentations will be a breeze with the Facecam feature.

More Features of iTop Screen Recorder

Now let’s learn more features of this video recorder, some of which can not be found in its competitors.

1. High-intensity, faultless screen recording

With the help of our screen recorder, you may efficiently record HD video. A quick film may be produced successfully with a 4K video recording and a 60fps frame rate.

2. There is no time restriction or personal watermark

You can make recordings for as long as you like. When you uncheck No watermark in Settings, a watermark is not necessary. It also enables you to create a unique watermark for your recordings to prevent duplication.

3. Screen capture that is adaptable

Record a small portion of the conversation, the entire screen, or even a few displays simultaneously. Record all of the details and remove anything you don’t want in your video from the recording.

4. Snap a screenshot while you’re recording

The program enables you to take images while recording video and sound without changing the overall style of the movie.

5. Listen to the screen sound without strain

With our application, you may record your PC screen while also getting high-quality sound. You can use it to record the microphone on your PC, the PC’s system sounds, or even the voice coming from your headset. With iTop Screen Recorder, your video will be professional from picture to sound.

6. Record meetings or protected videos

For the individual who requires instruction on how to screen record protected videos or Zoom meetings. iTop Screen Recorder will be your ideal assistant. It allows you to simply record 4K UHD/1080p 60fps HD protected videos without lagging or fps dips. The software can simply overcome the restrictions and screen record protected videos on Windows PC without causing a black screen.

Closing Thoughts

iTop Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder for those who want straightforward and fluid screen recording and basic video editing. Having a dedicated video of your own has never been easier with this screen recording software. Get it now from recorder.itopvpn.com and start to capture anything you want.


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