Crypto Conduct Authority Review – An Independent Authority Building a Strong Bridge between Traders and Brokers


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With the online cryptocurrency trading industry growing bigger over the course of time, many crypto trading brokers have started to offer their services. However, not many of these crypto brokerages are legit or trustworthy. If you are a trader, then all you’d want is to be linked with a broker that is reliable and professional. On the other hand, if you are running a crypto brokerage and want to stand out among the competition, then you need a platform that enhances your market present. If you are seeking guidance in either of the process, then keep reading my Crypto Conduct Authority Review.

Introduction to Crypto Conduct Authority

The main goal of the Crypto Conduct Authority is to help build a strong and a professional bridge between the brokers and the traders. It aims to help the traders choose the right trading platform for themselves from the list of over 50 crypto trading brokers.

On the other hand, the brokerages get the opportunity of being accredited and added to the list of brokerages that are entrusted with a great responsibility of serving traders. The brokerages also acquire a tremendous amount of publicity from being part of the list at the Crypto Conduct Authority.

In addition to the above, the Crypto Conduct Authority also takes up complaints from the traders against the brokerages. It is mandatory that the concerning brokerage must be part of the list of brokers maintained by the independent authority.

This way, both sides have a third-party and a neutral entity that is ready to listen to both sides, and come up with a just decision. The authority helps maintain a very professional environment among both sides.

How You Benefit as a Trader

If you choose a brokerage from the list and end up raising a complaint against it, then the Crypto Conduct Authority ensures that it does reach out to the brokerage. They investigate why you are concerned with the platform’s services, responses, or misconduct, and whether you have received the compensation for the complaint or not.

In the first place, the Crypto Conduct Authority asks you confirm if you have filed an Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) or not. If not, you have to file the IDR with the respective brokerage that is a member of the Crypto Conduct Authority. Once the IDR is acquired, the independent authority proceeds with taking up the matter and reviews the complaint.

Scam Alerts and Regulatory Warnings

The Crypto Conduct Authority offers you access to the scam alerts as well as the regulator warnings. It ensures that you are provided with the list of firms using the brand name and logo of one of the firms enlisted on Crypto Conduct Authority’s list of accredited brokers. Such firms steal the logo and name of credible platforms just for the sake of scamming people.

Crypto Conduct Authority also makes sure you have access to the regulatory warnings where you get to see the list of high risk service providers. These platforms make it to the regulator warning list as they might be involved in running some kind of Ponzi schemes. Such platforms maybe unregulated, or may provide misleading information to lure you and steal your funds.

Traders Education

Crypto Conduct Authority goes the extra mile of helping you learn more about cryptocurrencies and their respective aspects. You can become part of the traders’ education program at Crypto Conduct Authority to learn as much as you can about cryptocurrencies and their trades.

Compensation Fund

If you are a trader and believe that a brokerage listed with Crypto Conduct Authority, owes you compensation, then you can submit a request directly with the broker.

If the broker does not comply and denies to compensate you, you can take the matter to the Crypto Conduct Authority. The independent authority would attempt to convince the broker to compensate you and if they do not, it will compensate you on its own from the compensation fund. However, the maximum compensation it can grant per client of a broker is up to €100,000.

Contact Crypto Conduct Authority

If you wish to get in touch with Crypto Conduct Authority’s support team to gather more information about the platform, you can reach out to them via email. They will respond to your query at their earliest convenience providing you with the required information.


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