Guide in Exploring Different Types of Gin


Among the various alcoholic beverages being offered, an individual must know how to explore to identify the most suitable alcoholic beverage for their taste. So, exploration may be indicated as having a gin tasting, wherein it is a way for a person to experience new things because it can allow someone to expand their choices and not stick to what they only know. Therefore, every individual must know how to explore and learn to try new things because the current generation we are living in offers a wide variety of great things. Moreover, for the people who have already explored what it tastes like, do not hesitate to try other brands because it is currently a huge industry, wherein one might shock you for the better quality of the alcoholic beverage they offer.

Exploration has a huge impact on people to experience new things; thus, everyone must not hesitate to try something different. Moreover, exploration is also considered the most effective way of learning. It is similar to how a person would learn that the offered product is good if they have never tried it.

Types of Gin

When you start to explore and decide to go for a gin tasting, do not forget to try different varieties of gin to truly identify what you would consider the best for your taste, which includes:

  • Genever. It is considered as the original gin, which is made prior for medical purposes. Nevertheless, in the 19th century, it was used for various classic cocktails and was good to be drunk on the rocks. Moreover, it has two other variations called oude and jonge. The former is set apart from the latter due to its sweeter and aromatic smell. Meanwhile, the latter is lighter and drier comparatively.
  • Old Tom. It is a presently revived gin known as an intermediate gin due to its rich, malty mouthfeel and distinguishable sweetness. It is also good to be drunk on the rocks with some additional fragrance from a lemon or orange peel.
  • Plymouth. It is a distinctive type of gin due to its earthy flavour because of the numerous amounts of fruit and botanicals used for its creation. Furthermore, its taste is known to have a touch of sweetness and a bit of strong flavour. Also, it is said to be a drink with orange, coriander, or angelica root to highlight the botanical’s aroma of the gin.
  • Navy Strength. It was a common alcoholic beverage among the British Royal Navy in the 18th century, wherein it became also known as the sailor’s gin. Moreover, the alcohol content of this type of gin is 58.8%, which can be considered high. Nonetheless, its taste is crisp and clean due to the botanicals used.
  • London Dry. Bartenders are fond of this type of gin and consider it their gin of choice, which has also become the basis for the standard quality of other types of gin. Its taste has strong juniper and citrusy flavour, which is suitable for making a martini.
  • International Style. Numerous other types of gin originated from various countries, which became a straightforward manifestation of their botanicals or simply the taste of their country. Therefore, other than the five mentioned types of gin, there are numerous others worth tasting and offer a wider variety to the public.

To sum it up, the current era we live in has numerous great things to offer, so do not be apprehensive about exploring and experiencing something new because you may unravel unexpected experiences you’ve never thought you may enjoy.


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