How Sheesham Wood Becomes The Exemplary Element For Your Bed?


A home is incomplete without furniture, especially our bedroom where we spent one-third of our life. In the furniture industry wood is considered the ideal material for manufacturing. In bed frames, wood is the commonest material used for its natural and simple yet elegant look. Among all types of woods, Sheesham wood also known as Indian rosewood is popular for its versatility, durability, and affordability. If you set up a Sheesham wood king size bed with storage in your bedroom, it not only adds beauty to the ambience but also makes your room clutter-free with the in-built storage space. This can change the entire view of the room and can match any style and upcoming trends. This article will help you to get more insight on Sheesham wood.

How Sheesham Wood Becomes The Exemplary Element For Your Bed

Marvellous appearance: Sheesham wood colour ranges from golden brown to very intense reddish-brown with natural dark streaks that add to its beauty. These streaks make every furniture a unique piece. This wood is solid with straight grains. Sometimes you can find them interlocked too. It has a medium to coarse texture and natural shine. This wood accepts all good polish and turns out to be a smooth finish. The well-defined grains on the surface give it a unique look. Regular polishing can keep them brand new for a long time.

Workability: Sheesham wood is highly compatible with all machinery and tools as it responds well. Hence artisans can work with ease. Sheesham wood is best used for wood carving and engraving for its flexibility opines experts from Wakefit. Besides the furniture industry, it is also used in the manufacturing of musical instruments, sporting goods, ornamental turnery, marine and aircraft plywood, etc. This wood does not easily warp or split hence makes it ideal for furniture making.

Affordability: Purchasing a bed is a lifetime investment. Hardwoods are usually costly however, Sheesham wood is the most economical and affordable option among other types of hardwoods. Bed online shopping lowest price is offered by manufacturers as their strong marketing team constantly analyses the consumer’s concern and come up with schemes that can make it affordable for the common man. Also, the maintenance cost is less as cleaning is made easy with a piece of soft cloth.

Durability: Being a strong wood, Sheesham wood has natural resistance power to decay. It is less susceptible to dry-wood termites and this feature increases the product life of this furniture. Also, this wood doesn’t split or warp easily which makes it the best choice of experienced artisans for carving. The robustness of this wood is accountable for its durability. Hence investing in Sheesham wood furniture is a sensible decision since it is durable and for this characteristic of Sheesham wood, it is popularly chosen by the customers. Though the wood is strong, dense and long-lasting, it is recommended to protect Sheesham wood from extreme temperatures. To safeguard them from heat, make sure not to place them to direct sunlight or near the fireplace. Always use mat or coasters while placing hot items on Sheesham wood furniture.

Although Sheesham wood is the main source of timber, it has other uses as well. The local people use the twigs from this tree for dental care. It is also used in the ailments of stomach related problems and digestive issues. It is beneficial in the treatment of some skin diseases too.

Now you have gathered enough information about Sheesham wood and its advantages. It’s time for you to place the order for your comfy Sheesham wood bed. In fact, Sheesham wood double bed price is the most economical option for someone looking for a bed replacement right now and this will be an ultimate representation of luxury in your bedroom.


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