How to Keep Your Pets Teeth Healthy


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Humans take dental care seriously, so why neglect animals’ teeth? Your pet also needs regular dental care. If this is ignored over a period, it can be extremely dangerous and even fatal for your furry friend. Now that’s the worst-case scenario, and it can be prevented. A lack of responsibility when it comes to checking up on your pet’s oral health can also lead to gum disease and will certainly harm their teeth. Using a toothbrush and toothpaste that are pet-safe is the first thought that most people have, and they’re correct. This isn’t the only solution, though. There are other options out there to use paired with brushing their teeth.

How to Keep Your Pets Teeth Healthy

The Experts Know Best

While you can do a great job at taking care of your animal’s mouth by yourself, it’s always recommended that they have regular trips to a veterinary clinic to be looked over by the experts. Vets often have an array of services available when it comes to giving your pet professional dental care. For an example of the types of services provided, visit Veterinarians know what they’re doing when it comes to animals’ health overall, so they’ll be able to inform you of how you can improve your dog or cat’s oral hygiene.

Doggy Bags and Dental Chews on the Grocery List

When it comes to dental care for dogs, there’s a huge variety of goods that you can buy to keep their mouth clean and healthy, from biscuits that help to toughen up their teeth to dental chews. These items can be bought from most grocery stores, and you’re even more likely to find a wider range in a pet store. It’s not just food that helps to reinforce those hardy canines. Much to your dog’s advantage, chew toys are a great way to scrub their teeth. Any food that gets caught in their mouths can be removed from a session of playing. This helps to prevent an abundance of plaque from forming on your dog’s teeth which deteriorates their mouth health and also harms their overall health.

Beware of the Bones

Not all chew toys or objects that can be chewed are a good option for your dog’s mouth. Objects such as bones or branches can be detrimental to their teeth and gums. Pieces of bone can easily chip away or break the more your dog chomps on it, leading to their teeth chipping or scraping their gums. It’s also not a good idea to let your dog swallow these tough objects as their stomachs will find it difficult to digest and can be hazardous. Only provide your dog with toys that will be gentle on their teeth and are large enough to not cause choking.

Chew on the Treats, Not the Cables

Cats aren’t often compared to dogs, but when it comes to their dental care, they’re quite similar. Toys that your kitty chews on can help to keep their teeth clean, removing any food that may have made a home in their mouth. They can be given specialized treats that benefit their oral hygiene as well as their own kind of dental chews. Ensure that you don’t give your cat any dog treats. Even if the packaging may look similar and their descriptions may seem like they do the same thing, there’s a reason why they’re labeled dog treats. These animals nutritional needs are indeed different, so you should focus on what has been specially produced for your pet.

Overall, taking care of your pet’s dental hygiene can be a walk in the park if you know what you’re doing. It’s best to formulate a routine as soon as you can to make sure you stay on top of it.


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