How to Live Life After Arranged Marriage


The honeymoon period is the initial year of any marriage, after it gets over and now it is a time to start adjusting to life as a married couple and have a small world of your own. Even if you and your spouse have passed time together earlier, there are still elements of being married which could need some adjustment. From talks about finances to dealing with in-laws, marriage is a roller coaster ride with new challenges every day. Working together, caring for and loving each other, you will be in a healthy and happy relationship. Whether you have picked someone for a second marriage in Delhi or it is your first marriage, the rules are the same in both scenarios.

How to Live Life After Arranged Marriage

● Communication: even if you feel connected and think you talk, you need to keep on working on it. There are unexpected changes and challenges in life, and you and your spouse have to work through them together. Be honest and open. There are times when you have to bring up issues that may be uncomfortable or difficult, but you have to do it.

● Always add thank you and please: sometimes it is easy to think that our spouse must anticipate our needs or does not need to be appreciative. But that is not the case- if anything, you should be aware of what your spouse is doing and you need to be thankful.

● Avoid using ultimatums: no likes, and they typically do not get you what you are looking for. Even though it may be satisfying at the time to give an ultimatum, chances are you going to regret it later,

● Make plans with friends: Even though you may not have thought your relationships with friends will change after marriage, it usually does. It becomes harsh to get out on your own and roam around with your friends as you did earlier, so it is necessary to make plans so that you can continue to keep those friendships.

● Keep your interest alive: it is necessary to have interests and activities outside of your marriage. Even though you and your partner may share a lot of the same passions, it is important to have some things which are just for you as an individual. It may be as simple as going to a movie alone sometimes or attending a yoga class.

● Adjust to new couple-related situations: do not resent your spouse, it is easy to get rude to your partner when they seem to be impinging on the freedom you had before marriage. And it is often difficult to adjust to the fact that you always have someone at home when you are out with friends. It is easier to get a second chance in marriage on a divorcee matrimonial site India.

● Decide finances after marriage: you may have a joint account or keep things separate. These are topics that need to be discussed before marriage. Every couple has different ideas about how to manage money after marriage.


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