Several Great Tips to Look for When Buying a House in Pattaya


After enjoying a life changing experience several years ago, when you visited Thailand for the first time at the invite of a friend who was teaching in the Land of Smiles, you were desperate for more of the same.

It was somewhere that you immediately felt comfortable in, with its beautiful climate, and a certain zest that was missing back home. It both relaxed and exhilarated you at the same time, so you began visiting on an annual basis, enjoying all that the country had to offer. You even instantly fell in love with the spicy food and got the local customs, although somtam was a step too far!

Indeed, you are now a well travelled tourist having visited many places around Thailand rather than just sticking to one destination, yet it was a popular seaside city that really did it for you. It was there that you met a local woman of your dreams a few years ago. Your relationship has since blossomed and you have got married in readiness for you to move over full time as an early retiree. You cannot wait, especially having seen a house for sale in Pattaya Thailand. It’s as though everything has perfectly fallen into place.

  • You have found the house was for sale through a real estate agent with nearly two decades of experience in both the USA and Thailand, so you know that you are in the hands of a reputable company that values integrity, expertise, and professionalism with a long list of satisfied customers.
  • The agents you would deal with put their clients first, providing a first-class service who understand that time is often of the essence, so act accordingly to save the stress for their valued customers. Once you have found and bought your dream home, the wife might wish for you to beautify the kitchen.
  • There are many legal and possible logistical obstacles involved with buying a house in Thailand, so you want to be in the hands of real estate agents who will offer you the best possible advice and guide you through the process.
  • Although you have your eye on one specific house, there is a wide range of quality homes available in Pattaya, Jomtien to the south of the city and throughout Chonburi province, with the agents promising a hassle-free experience.
  • By buying a house in Pattaya you know that you are moving to a modern city with every amenity available, from superb shopping malls, a newer improved Walking Street, foods from around the world, entertainment, brilliant sports, and leisure all by golden sands and a blue sea. There is everything anybody would ever need in a home city while being within easy reach of the nation’s premier airport and capital. For those who love their wildlife, there is the nearby Tiger Park to visit.

Buying a house in Pattaya Thailand through an expert team of real estate agents guarantees a stress-free process, with the correct advice to enable you to continuing living out your dreams.


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