How to Use Red Wine for Facial Skin Care


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Most people, especially women, are keen when it comes to choosing a skincare product. Our skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. We need to make sure that whatever we apply must blend perfectly to make sure we do not get any allergies. We also have to carefully select those products we need to use to attain the best results for our skin.

There are many skincare products you can find in the market today. It is brought by the innovation of science, especially those skin professionals who dedicate most of their time making medicines to achieve younger-looking skin. Most people are even spending hundreds and thousands of dollars to maintain perfect skin aesthetics, especially in the face.

It is also inevitable that there are some alternative ways of taking care of our skin. Some invention brings these alternatives we think it can never be used. These are also inexpensive ways of making sure that we can take care of our skin to its optimum level. These alternative ways of taking care of our skin are only found in the comfort of our home.

You may hear this as a surprise, but health professionals recommend the use of red wine for perfect skin and face aesthetics. They say the red wine such as Sokolin sangiovese contains a lot of natural ingredients and antioxidants, which is both beneficial for our health internally and externally. It is also recommended that you only drink one or two glasses of wine every day to get the most out of its health benefits. Here are some benefits of wine for your skin and how to use it as an active skincare agent.

Fights Skin Aging

Red wine helps in slowing your ability to age. It means that it can help in renewing our body cells, both external and internal allowing us to grow and nourish our skin cells. Red wine has an active component of an antioxidant such as tannin, resveratrol, and flavonoids, which help in the rebirth of elastic fibers and collagen of our skin.

Get Enough Sleep

Red wine is an alcoholic beverage, after all. When you drink one or two glasses of red wine every day, you can get enough sleep and rest, which is beneficial for your skin. Red wine has a melatonin component that helps us to activate our sleepy mode and lets us rest in the time we need it the most.

Whitens The Skin

It is true that due to the daily exposure of our skin to sun rays, our skin get burned and we quickly get dark. The formation of melanin in our skin is often reduced, resulting in dark spots and wrinkles. Drinking wine regulates the growth of melanin and helps us to grow our cells. It means that we can maintain a younger and fairer looking skin, especially in our face.

Regulates The Growth Of Acne

Red wine helps in maintaining a poreless face. Drinking red wine every day can help your face fight against the growth of acne, which is the main problem of every individual. It contains antiseptic and antibacterial elements that when you use to apply it directly to your face, you can assure an acne-free skin.

Red wines are not only poured in a glass and sipped. It is also used to apply directly to your skin. Some skincare clinics use this kind of method to help resolve the facial and skin issues of their clients. Here are some ways on how you can use red wine as a direct skincare agent to apply on your bare face.

Cleansing – the first thing you have to do is to clean your face with a cloth. Make sure that it’s oil-free. Take four tablespoons of red wine and mix it with lemon juice. Get a clean cotton ball, so you can dip it in the mixture you made. Apply it directly to your face by massaging in a circular motion. Wash your face after the whole application process.

Massaging – you need to take a tablespoon of wine along with an oil essence you like and aloe vera gel. You need to mix these ingredients thoroughly, and once done, you apply it directly to your face and gently massage it. Make sure that you use al the paste you made in your mixture to cover all parts of your face and use your fingertips upon massaging.

Scrubbing – red wines are also an active skincare agent you can use for scrubbing. Mix a tablespoon of red wine to an exfoliating agent you like to use such as coffee, sugar, or ground rice. Mix them thoroughly. You use the mixture directly to apply it in your face and gently massage it to scrub any dead skin cells in your face. Wash it with running water after the whole application process.


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