Top Scholarships in India


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Scholarships in India are available to all students regardless of their caste, class, religion, category and gender. Some Scholarships are given on the basis of merit while some other are provided based on means and talent of the student who has applied. The whole process of applying for scholarships and checking if you are eligible or not for them has become easier now than ever before. Students can apply for as many scholarships as they would like to but can avail only one of the scholarships from the whole lot.

Top Scholarships in India

Merit based scholarships

Merit scholarships in India are the ones that are given to students on the basis of their academic performance and their marks in the different phases of the exam. Merit based scholarships are given on the basis of academic performance of the student. The following scholarship are few of the most reputed scholarship which are given on the basis of merit:

No.Name of ScholarshipCriteria for Eligibility
1BTSE Bihar Talent Search ExaminationApplications of all the students from class 7th to 10th are accepted
2National Science Concours (NSC)Applications of all the students of class 6th to 12th are accepted
3J C Bose National Fellowship (Science & Engineering Research Board)All the citizens of our country up to 68 years of age are eligible
4Nagaland State Merit ScholarshipApplications of all the class 11th to Post Graduate students are accepted
5JM Sethia Merit Scholarship SchemeApplications of all the students enrolled in class 9 to Post Graduation are accepted
6JSPN ScholarshipApplications of all the students from class 11th to graduation are accepted
7SIA Youth Scholarship in SingaporeApplications of all the class 10th passed students are accepted
8A-STAR India Youth ScholarshipApplications of all the class 8th passed students are accepted
9NBHM Scholarship for Post Graduate Studies in MathematicsApplications of all the graduates in Mathematics or pursuing PG in Mathematics are accepted
10Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test Against Vacant Seats (for class 11)Applications of all the class 10th passed students are accepted

Means based scholarship

Means based scholarship in India are awarded to students who face difficulty with their financial situations and need help in a financial way. Most of the students enrolled in the scholarship are from economically backward classes. To be eligible to get any of the scholarship the family’s annual income is considered as a factor for selection.

No.Name of ScholarshipCriteria for Eligibility
1Capital First MBA ScholarshipsApplications of all graduates applying to an MBA program are accepted
2The G.S.B ScholarshipApplications of all students from class 5 to graduate level are accepted
3Azim Premji University Undergraduate ScholarshipApplications of all bachelor’s degree applicants are accepted
4Nurturing Talent ProgrammeApplications of all class 5th passed students are accepted
5Joining Hands Higher Education Scholarship ProgramApplications of all undergraduate and postgraduate applicants are accepted
6Padala Charitable Trust ScholarshipApplications of all class 11th to graduate students including diploma courses are accepted
7Kind Circle Meritorious ScholarshipApplications of all students studying in Class 9 to graduation are accepted
8Jauhar National FellowshipApplications of all muslim minority students in undergraduation and post graduation are accepted
9Harvard Need Blind ScholarshipApplications of all undergraduates of Harvard University are accepted
10AICTE-Saksham Scholarship SchemeApplications of all differently-abled students are accepted


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