The 10 Most Effective Exercises to Do With Resistance Bands


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People that take care of themselves tend to live happier lives. When you feel good and look good, you will walk around will more confidence and a positive demeanor. Cardiovascular exercise and resistant training exercise is an important part of maintaining this healthy lifestyle. Cardiovascular training will get the blood flowing and the heart-healthy, while resistance training will help with strength training, flexibility, and joint strength. Keep your body young by investing the time and effort into yourself to include several workouts each week.

The 10 Most Effective Exercises to Do With Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands Are Convenient

Having a good set of resistance bands is the best option for at-home workouts. With a quality set of resistance bands, at-home workouts can be achieved without the necessity of owning and storing heavy dumbbells. If you need to go out of town, a set of resistance bands can be easily transported anywhere.

Incorporate These Resistance Band Exercises In Your Routine

Try these resistance band exercises to get the best full-body workout—

Front Squats

Front squats are a quad-focused exercise. Stand on the band with feet in shoulder-length apart. Hold the handles of the resistance band in front of you. Squat down. As you stand back up you should feel the resistance in the band.

Sumo Squats

This squat is glute-focused. The standing position will start wide. Squat down similar to a sumo wrestler. As you stand back up, you will feel the resistance in the band.

Seated Row

A seated row is great for the back. Secure the resistance band at a level that will allow you to pull straight back from the anchor point. As you pull the resistance band back, your back muscles will engage.

Lateral Pulldown

Start by anchoring the resistance bands at a high point, This exercise will be done by starting in a standing position, use your hands to pull down the resistance band, bringing the bands behind you, passing by the hips. As the bands are pulled down, you should feel the lateral muscles in the back engage.

Tricep Pulldown

Start with the resistance bands anchored above you. The tricep pulldown can be down by holding the resistance bands in front of you with a bent elbow and slowly bring each hand to the hips by only extending the forearms, engaging the triceps into the movement.

Bicep Curl

Stand on the resistance band and hold the handles in a relaxed position at your sides. Slowly curl the arms by bending at the elbows. until your fist is close to the shoulder. Slowly bring the arms back to starting position. This exercise will work the bicep muscles in the upper arm.

Overhead Shoulder Press

Stand on the resistance bands with feet that should length apart. Hold the bands by the handles with the arms bend next to the shoulders. In a fluid motion, press the hands over the head until the arms are fully extended. Slowly bring the hands back to the start position.

Lateral Raises

The lateral raises are another great shoulder exercise. Starting with the hands by the side, you will lift your hands away from the body, almost making a T position. Once the hands are shoulder level, bring the hands back to the starting position.

Standing Chest Press

While standing with your back to the anchor point of the resistance band, hold the handles of the bands on each side of your chest adjacent to the nipple line. Slowly press your hands in front of you until the arms are fully extended. Slowly bring them back to the start position and repeat.

Bent Over Crunches

Stand on your knees with the anchor point behind and above you. Hold the handles of the resistance bands in front and bend the body down, hinging at the hips. As this exercise is done, the abdominal muscles will contract.

Implementing these 10 exercises into your workout routine, you will have the foundation for a full-body workout.


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