Things to Avoid When Selecting SEO Packages in USA


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The choice of SEO packages in the USA isn’t as easy as it may seem. You simply can’t select a package based on your whim because the wrong one can do more harm than good. If you aren’t sure why the right choice matters so much, consider some statistics that came to the forefront in a 2019 research conducted by Ahrefs, which is one of the leading data companies in the domain of search marketing. You can also check Toronto SEO Services for more in-depth details about SEO services.

  • 91% of online content fails to get any organic traffic from Google search.
  • Among the sample tested (close to 1 billion pages), a massive 90.88% of pages get nil traffic from Google, while 4.5% receive under 10 visits per month.

Things to Avoid When Selecting SEO Packages in USA

Perhaps you now understand why most businesses are struggling to make people aware of their business and what their offerings are. If you too belong to this league, you can beat the trend by choosing one of the effective SEO packages in the USA that include a thorough SEO strategy tailor-made to help you. But to generate results, you need to avoid some common mistakes. Here’s a list of them that are better to steer clear of. Contact Us

1. Considering the cost alone

You get what you pay for – this adage applies to SEO Packages USA for the most part. If you haven’t planned your budget well, or have a restrained budget, you may feel tempted to choose packages with the lowest price. But you need to understand that SEO is a labor- and capital-intensive task. And the different elements of this job have been increasingly becoming challenging, especially in highly competitive industries where numerous businesses and brands continue to fight for a viable market share. Thus, making a decision based on price alone wouldn’t be prudent.

To begin with, cheap or low-cost SEO packages often fail to deliver the basic drivers of good SEO, namely backlinks and high-quality content. Since companies offering such packages often lack capital, they are likely not to have the expertise of creating premium long-form content or get you backlinks via guest post placement on some of the top authority sites. Additionally, such companies scarcely have the time or resources to invest in doing basic link outreach. This in turn makes them cultivate poor or cheap quality links that would bring minimal value your way.

Cheap SEO packages in the USA often come with some fixed options and pricing that remain the same across the board. This means no matter what your business or industry is, you’ll have to make do with whatever is on offer. This one-size-fits-all approach is a big red flag. Since no two businesses are the same, SEO techniques for them should be customized to suit their unique goals, requirements, circumstances, present SEO status, etc. These and many other variables need to be accounted for to settle on the type of package that would be right for your business. But when you let price be the only deciding factor, you may hardly get a customized package.

Lack of accountability is another factor why you should avoid hiring SEO packages based on price alone. Most companies offering cheap SEO will have little interest in your business and may have little to no accountability for fear of delivering a substandard service (which most invariably will). And by the time you are frustrated with their services and seek to terminate the contract, they would have already moved over to their new clients, due to which they would be too happy to stop working on your project. Thus, you’ll simply end up wasting time and money working with such companies as you’ll have to find suitable SEO packages again and invest a considerable amount of money too.

But all said and done, you could still find some good SEO packages that have the features you need and are affordable as well. Even if you give the low-cost packages a miss, make sure to consider what you are paying for. Though effective SEO packages would cost more than their cheap counterparts, they shouldn’t cost too much either. Thus, instead of considering price as the solitary deciding factor, take into account other features your business needs to make the right choice.

2. Selecting a package that uses black hat SEO strategies

You must choose SEO packages that use white hat strategies to help you achieve your desired results. White hat SEO, often called “ethical SEO”, focuses on improving your search rankings on SERPs (search engine results pages) while maintaining your website’s integrity and optimizing it for both your users and the search engines without violating the terms of the service of the leading search engines.

It’s a mistake to partner with a company whose SEO packages use questionable black hat SEO tactics, which could include heavily stuffing keywords on web pages, using doorway pages, participating in link schemes that aren’t carefully examined and vetted by SEO experts, etc. Such dubious tactics could bring you fast results but they wouldn’t be maintained in the long run.

What’s worse is the fear of your website being penalized, which could mean a complete loss of rankings that you might have built using white hat tactics until now. Such penalties could be applicable for different lengths of time, thus severely affecting your business and market reputation adversely.

When you’re meeting an SEO provider, you should try to get as much information as possible about its SEO techniques. People often go ahead and choose an SEO provider even if its techniques appear to be shady or unethical, which is a big mistake. Some even choose providers offering SEO packages though they refuse to answer questions related to their SEO tools and strategies, which again should ideally raise concerns and be seen as red flags.

3. Trusting unsubstantiated/false claims

Some providers of SEO packages often make false and/or unsubstantiated claims. Trusting them is a big mistake that you should avoid at any cost. If a provider guarantees top search rankings overnight or even within 1 or 2 months, beware.

When a provider says it has helped multiple businesses with their SEO campaigns but fails to offer proof via facts and figures, their portfolio, or by sharing the contact of those past clients, there’s reason to avoid them. Yet, many people end up working with such companies, which often proves to be quite costly in the long run.

A few SEO providers may claim to possess all the knowledge to understand and beat the algorithms and ranking factors of the leading search engines, which is again a false claim. Remember that no one can have such insider information to ensure you’ll get a number one ranking.

Competent SEO providers that have carried out extensive SEO work for their multiple clients are capable of learning the particulars of several aspects of the algorithms and ranking factors of Google and other search engines. However, they would still not have any secret information directly from Google or these other search engines. So, you should run away from any SEO packages offered by providers that make tall and false claims to milk their gullible clients.

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SEO done the right way can open up several growth opportunities for your business and deliver huge ROI. But with several individuals and companies claiming to be SEO experts, identifying good SEO packages could be difficult. However, when you exercise caution and avoid the above pitfalls, you’ll improve your chances of finding a reliable SEO provider.


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