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Every Project Manager is different, but according to a 2017 Harvard Study, most Project Managers fit into four personality types. These are the Executor, Expert, Gambler, and Prophet. There is no one personality that is “better” than the rest to run a business. Instead, they work best when they work together. They will work even better when each personality has the right tools to get the job done.

Executor – Task Monitoring Software

According to the aforementioned Harvard Study, a Project Manager who fits this Executor personality is goal-oriented. He or she is great at putting the pieces together and keeping a project in motion. However, he or she is not the best at creative thinking. While he or she can keep other employees on task to complete a project, she or he is not the one who gets the ideas to create or begin a project.

Executor Project Managers are great micromanagers. This is why having access to task-monitoring software will help them do their jobs better. Each of these software work differently, but the main function is to coordinate tasks. Tasks can be “created” by the Project Manager and assigned to other employees. From there, the Project Manager can check to see which tasks have been completed and by which employees. Having this data can help him or her to make more informed decisions going forward.

Expert – POS Software

The Expert loves everything that has to do with analytics, data, and hard facts. Like Executors, Experts are not creative thinkers. However, because they stick to the facts, there is very little need for them to be creative. Instead, it’s best to have an Expert focus on objective tasks, like accounting and deadlines.

Experts would do well to use project management software for workshops when they are trying to connect with other coworkers. This is different from task management software, as project management software is more overarching. Point of Service software is one type of project management software Experts can take advantage of. POS will often give the data and facts an Expert craves, such as sales amounts, profits, inventory, and invoices.

Gambler – Research Materials

The name “Gambler” makes it sounds like this type of Project Manager is unreliable, but that is anything but the hard and fast rule. Gamblers will listen when someone else gives them a strategy to follow. However, they are not afraid to work outside the box and they do not care about data and analytics as much as the Experts and Executors do.

The best way to help a Gambler improve a business is to give him her or access to any research materials he or she might need. Gamblers are great at looking at trends in other businesses. Seeking out these trends will help a Gambler see patterns that an Expert or Executer will miss, as not all trends have to do with hard numbers. Once the Gambler collects the information he or she needs, she or she can begin their namesake gambling. He or she will “bet” on new opportunities that may not fall in the usual business strategy, but may prove to pay off in the long run.

Prophet – Customer/Client Outreach Technology

The Prophet has some things in common with all of the other Project Manager personalities but has his or her own strengths that help him or her to stand out. Like the Gambler, Prophets are great at finding new opportunities for business growth. However, Prophets do not feel married to the current business strategy. These Projects Managers are great at starting new and creative projects, which can be a great help to Experts and Executives.

There are a few ways that Prophets can look for new business opportunities. Outreach in general is a great place to begin. With cold-calling being more or less a thing of the past, Prophets are better suited for creating and sending out surveys and newsletters to learn more about their clients and vendors. By creating and sending out these items, Prophets can learn more about client/customer demographics and more importantly– what they will respond to.

All of these Project Manager personalities have their own strengths. The perfect management team will have more than one of these personalities. While they have their differences, they work wonders when they work together.


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