Why Buying Varifocals Online Saves you from the Biggest Rip-Off?


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If you are new to varifocals then you must know that you have to pay a fortune for a good pair of these glasses. If you are just prescribed varifocal glasses then you must know that prescription glasses especially modern and advanced varifocals don’t tend to be cheap – the cost of lenses, frames, lens coating and extra tints and shade mount up to cost you hundreds of pounds. Retailers and supermarkets might give you a bit of relief in offering varifocals a bit cheaper than good brands of eyewear but don’t fall for that trap because often you have to pay a big price for the compensation of good quality.

Varifocals, Where’s the Best to Buy Them at the Best Price

The “bargain” from offline stores might seem enticing but later the glasses turn out to be a complete waste of money. Most of these even cause potential damage to your vision by not offering the right size and adjustment to your face. While buying varifocal online turns out to be a sea of choice and opportunities.

Why is buying varifocals Online a big loss?

If your friend has recommended you drive over to the near optometrist store or an eyewear store to buy glasses then you must politely reject their advice. It’s because when a person without any habitual use of glasses recommends you something, you ought to believe it that it’s of no use, it’s like that friend you give a lot of dating advice without being in any single relationship. Even if you don’t have that kind of friends but still think that buying glasses at an established eyewear store would turn out more beneficial than online stores, then you might want to rethink that philosophy again. Here are the reasons why you should avoid buying glasses offline.

Less liberty of Choices –

Who doesn’t love the freedom of choices? In varifocal glasses. We do, most certainly. Retail stores have a very limited range of frames in different design, shape, style and colours. We know the architectural design of optical retail stores, the glasses kept in the wooden display racks which have the most overrated design. Once you get glasses, you want it to be used as a fashion accessory to reflect your style and personalities, and without finding your one ideal pair, you can not be ever satisfied.

Online eyewear market has numerous designs all sorted in exotic, traditional and vintage styles that are diverse in design, style, colour and material. You can view its detailed designing and pattern on the screens of your smartphones for hours and take time to make an answer.

Take Ages to get it made –

As you already know, varifocal glasses are customised based on your prescription recommended by the opticians hence it takes time to get it made. Offline retailers make varifocals for almost 14 to 15 days and if you want any extra feature added in your glasses then add more 2 to 3 days in your delivery. If you are in a hurry or your glasses got broken out of sudden, going to your nearby store may turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life.

Online eyewear stores, however, value time more than anything in the market, they understand the millennial generation. When you buy glasses online even in an emergency or require your prescription then it will be offered at your doorstep the next day. In a hurry for a meeting or a last-minute grab, your varifocals glasses are faster made compared to the offline retailer in 7 to 8 working days.

Time-Consuming –

Offline stores are excessively time-consuming as you have to make time from your busy schedule and drive to any nearby stores. The process of looking around and inspecting every frame sounds exhausting. Varifocal glasses are a prized possession, people take a lot of time deciding on them but in-store it turns out to be more like medicine hunt rather than an accessory. It makes the whole shopping experience boring and painstaking.

Online shopping for varifocal glasses is complete fun and they don’t need to schedule, you can just shop in your office or while coming from work. You are just one click from the thousands of vibrant frames and design.

Lastly, there’s no review and ratings on offline stores from consumers to know about their purchase. People buy from people and it’s important to get a personalised experience as we get from online stores. People voice out their good and bad experiences and it helps another person to make the right decision.

Online eyewear stores also have free home trials of glasses where people get to try out frames of their choice for a few days to settle on a certain decision. Offline stores offer “buy at a first sight”, there’s no trial period on any of frames other than direct buy. Online buying prescription glasses or non-prescription glasses always seems to be profitable even in terms of money and choices. It’s convenient, high-quality and efficient.

Want to find durable varifocals at an unbeatable price? Get them at Specscart, it offers free coating of anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impact resistance on all of its varifocals and other prescription glasses. You also get a free home trial for up to 4 frames for 7 days, choose, hate and decide the one you fancy.


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