How to Prepare for the CAPM Certification Exam


CAPM certification is provided by the PMI or the Project Management Institute, London. CAPM is also known as the Certified Associate in Project Management. The best thing about the certification is that it can be applied to any type of project regardless of the project specifications. The flexibility and adaptability of the certification, along with added benefits like profit maximization, better handling of projects, etc., makes it the best-preferred certification among candidates seeking project management posts and organizations hiring such professionals.

How to Prepare for the CAPM Certification Exam

Duration of the examination: – The 150 questions should be solved within a duration of 3 hours or 180 minutes only.

The total number of questions: – The certification test for CAPM consists of a total of 150 questions. The 150 questions include 15 questions asked regarding the certification exam itself as feedback and are not scored.

Prerequisites required for applying the test – The requirements to be met for appearing in the examination are based on the experience of the candidate gained over the years. If the candidate does not have any experience, he or she must possess a high school degree or any equivalent secondary degree and a minimum of 23 hours of project management education. At the same time, applicants with experience should hold at least 1500 hours of formal project management hours along with a secondary degree to be eligible for the CAPM certification examination. Project management education hours are the formally recorded hours dedicated to learning project management course (s).

Syllabus: – The 5 groups under the CAPM syllabus that include all the concepts are: – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling, and closing a project. The syllabus is subdivided into ten knowledge areas, which are in order as – management of project integration, management of project scope, management of project time, management of project cost, management of project quality, management of project human resource, management of project communications, management of project risk, management of project procurement and management of project stakeholder.

Medium: – English is the main language of the examination, but PMI also provides aids in 13 different languages.

Passing marks: – There is no fixed passing percentage for obtaining the certification, but the safe percentage to achieve the certificate is said to be 61% – 70%. PMI does not undertake a negative marking scheme in the certification test for CAPM.

Tips for cracking CAPM certification test:-

  • Enroll in a suitable training curse. PMI also offers credible CAPM training that may be taken advantage of by the candidate.
  • The PMBOK study guide is like a bible for the aspirants of CAPM certification.
  • Choose another book based on your convenience, but it should have at least a clear understanding of all the concepts, applications of the concepts, and mock test papers. You may as well prefer the kindle versions.
  • Attempt as many mock tests as you can.
  • Prepare the hardware required for the examination and check for their correct working. Ensure proper network and working condition of all amenities.
  • Attempt all the questions to the truest of your knowledge and fear, not as there is no negative marking.
  • Undertake the elimination method in case you can’t reach the correct one
  • Recheck your paper and submit it on time.
  • Once done with the examination, wait for the results.
  • After obtaining the certificate, make sure to update your curriculum vitae.

Retest: – in case the candidate fails to make his or her mark in the first attempt, the second test can be taken for the application fees of $150 only.

Validity: – The certificate needs to be recertified after 5 years. The recertification or renewal of the certificate can be done by either taking the test again or obtaining 15 PDUs within the term to maintain the validity of the certificate.

CAPM is an exceptional certification for the aspirants of a better future in project management. It is beneficial to achieve the posts of project heads, team leads, project managers, etc. Organizations hire candidates with CAPM training and certification easily into their firm owing to the added advantages of the better relationship among the employees and with the client, increased profit, decreased loss, better handling of projects and risks, etc. Thus, a candidate must undertake CAPM certification to ensure a better future in the field of project management.


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