10 Ways to Style a Hoodie For a Stunning Look


If there’s one style trend, which will never die, it is the girls hoodies. Wearing a stussy hoodie is a classic way to transform one’s look. This gender-neutral piece of clothing is so comfortable and yet so stylish. There’s hardly a single person out there who doesn’t own a hoodie.

10 Ways to Style a Hoodie For a Stunning Look

If you are buying your daughter a nice girls hoodies, you need to know that there is more than just one way to style it. On the other hand, if you are making your child wear a girls hoodies only with her jeans, let us walk you through this quick guide on how to style a hoodie in several different ways.

  1. Hoodie with jeans: The classic way to style a girls’ hoodie is by pairing it with jeans. If your girl loves funky colours and prints, buy her a graphic printed hoodie which she can wear with her favourite jeans.
  2. Hoodie with shorts: Be it summers or monsoons, shorts are a great piece of clothing that is comfortable and stylish. If your girl has a couple of shorts, be it pieces of denim or cotton-based pairs, she can style them with a classic hoodie on a day out.
  3. Hoodie with joggers: There are days when one simply wants to laze around. If your girl has an exhausting week at school and classes, let her chill during the weekends in style by making her wear the classic combo of hoodies and joggers. One can pair a solid hoodie with matching joggers for a perfect co-ord look.
  4. Hoodie with leggings: If you’re going out on a fun-filled family vacation, make travelling comfortable by styling your daughter in a hoodie and leggings. Black leggings are an ideal choice that will blend with all-coloured hoodies. But if your daughter loves to experiment with fashion, you can opt for different coloured leggings to match the hoodie.
  5. Hoodie with skirt: Wearing a skirt with a cute top is a cliched look. But if you want to add fun to the mix, turn things up by a few notches by having your daughter pair her mini skirt with a hoodie.
  6. Hoodie over a shirt: A hoodie can also be worn over a shirt and jeans or trousers. A classic crisp white shirt can be worn underneath a black hoodie and paired with trousers or well-fitted jeans.
  7. Hoodie with a maxi dress: If you’ve always styled your daughter with a denim jacket layered over her maxi dress, add some fun to the mix by having her maxi dress paired with a hoodie instead.
  8. Hoodie over a maxi skirt: A nice floral printed maxi skirt can be given a street style twist by layering it with a hoodie. To make the look comfortable, your daughter need not wear a T-shirt underneath; just a hoodie will suffice.
  9. A hoodie dress: Talking about the trending street style look, buy a knee-length girls’ hoodie for your daughter, which she can wear as a mini dress with her favourite chunky sneakers.
  10. Hoodie underneath a jacket: Give your daughter a quick makeover by having her hoodie and jeans layered with a jacket to embrace the winter months.

These are the ten stylish ways a girls hoodies can be styled for head-turning looks.


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