3 Life Hacks You Never Knew You Needed


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Let’s face it – adulting is hard! Between work, housework, healthcare, social life, family life and maybe even pets, there is a lot to keep track of at any one time, and it’s normal to drop the ball on something every once in a while. Don’t worry, though, here’s a handy guide on how to deal with some common but frustrating situations.

3 Life Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

1. What to do if you lock yourself out

Everyone’s been there and if they claim they haven’t they’re probably lying! Most of us carry several items around with us at any one time – wallet, phone, house keys, car keys, tissues, face masks, hand gel and so on. So it’s very easy to leave one of them at work or college, or to forget to take it with you when you head out for the day. If you lock yourself out of your house or apartment and no one has a spare key, the best thing to do is to call a house locksmith. You don’t want to look like a burglar by trying to pick the lock with a credit card and getting a locksmith to get your front door open again will be cheaper and safer than trying to break a window and sneak back in that way. What you might not have thought of is the fact that locksmiths can also help you get back into a vehicle, so keep that in mind if you ever lock yourself out of your car!

2. How to speed up your laundry process

One of the milestones that most people have to go through as they grow up and become independent is doing a load of laundry wrong by choosing the wrong program or mixing whites and colors. Once you have passed that milestone you will start to sort your laundry into at least three categories: ‘colors’, ‘whites’ and ‘delicates’. However, the price to pay for that is that it takes a lot longer to load your washing machine, as you will need to go through your laundry hamper and pick out individual clothes to wash together. You can get around this problem by investing in a laundrysorter. If you have enough space, keep your laundry sorter in your bathroom and put your dirty clothes in their compartments as you get undressed to take a shower or a bath. Once the load is finished you can wheel your laundry sorter around the house to make putting your clothes away easier and faster.

3. How to keep your kitchen clutter-free

If you have a small kitchen, chances are that you will want to minimize the amount of implements you own in order todedicate as much cupboard space as possible to food storage. The best way to do this is to think outside the box and use the same kitchen tools for more than one purpose. Need a placemat for that hot pan? A wooden cutting board will work perfectly. Don’t have space for tons of ramekins to serve condiments in at dinner parties? Use a muffin tray. Life gets a lot easier with a little creativity!


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